Vincent, our CEO, is onsite at on-demand warehousing and order fulfilment service

Collective Logistics on the Gold Coast and shows you the benefits and some great tips to paperless picking and packing of orders with CartonCloud

Video Transcription.

I want to run through with you how Collective Logistics pick and pack orders. The first thing you will notice is that there’s no paperwork, they run entirely paperless. Most of their orders come in from Shopify, which just drop into the mobile app immediately and then they pick and pack them by scanning. 

I’ve never been in this warehouse before, so I'm going to try and find my way around and actually pick an order, so let’s see how I go. I’ve got an order here with three items on it, so the first location is in A010101, so I scan the location and I want to start picking, it brings it up and I believe it's this product - I’ve never packed these orders before, so i'm not 100 per cent sure. Yes, it’s the right product, the device has confirmed it. I’ve got the first product picked. 

The next location is A010304. I scan the location label, and then scan the item to confirm. Perfect, it's the right product. Lastly, the next location is A030303. As you can see, I don’t know my way around this warehouse, but because they’ve followed pretty standard naming conventions by keeping everything in lines I can follow my way around. Here we go, here’s location A0303030. I scan the actual product too. Perfect. 

So there we go, I have finished picking the three items on this order. I click ‘finish picking’. Now for the next step, which is specific to Collective Logistics. They use a third party system in order to handle all their shipping as they use a variety of carriers like Couriers Please, and UPS for international orders. 

So our friend from Collective Logistics is now going to give me a hand to get my label out of the system. “The picking data flows through to our multi carrier shipping software. We add the customer’s name from drop-down options and it's as simple as printing this through in about three clicks and then the items go into a mail bag, with a thank you card.”

The label has been printed out - this delivery is going to the United States, I put the label on and then it goes into the right bin for the courier to pick up this afternoon. 

Just another one of Vincent’s onsite Tips.

To learn more about paperless pick and packing using CartonCloud visit our Knowledge Base article here


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