One of the biggest challenges when developing software is how best you can receive, manage and communicate updates for all the ideas people share on how to make the solution better. Here at CartonCloud, we are no different. 

 To ensure we do the best possible job of addressing this challenge we are releasing a new “Ideas Portal”. It is a space where suggestions on how we can improve CartonCloud can be shared, voted on and enhanced through community comments. This input and feedback will assist us in identifying the improvements of our application that users need the most, and will promote the prioritisation of new functionality based on the volume of customer support. 

The portal has some great features of its own. It enables users to search existing ideas, as well as providing filters to help narrow down what you are looking for. When adding a new feature it will prompt similar ideas that others have created, in case someone else has already added the same idea, allowing the user to consolidate the ideas and the votes associated with them. Finally, any idea that a user creates, votes for or comments on will automatically provide updates on the status of the idea. This includes notifications when the idea is promoted into the product roadmap through to the feature being released. When features are being considered and progressed, comments will be added to provide more details about the feature and the timeline associated with it.

Every idea added to the portal will be considered. Some won’t make the list, some will take some time before they gain enough support to make it into the product and some will jump straight to the front of the queue.

We are really excited about providing this new channel and believe it will ensure our users can have a direct influence on the evolution of CartonCloud.


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