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Hello, Tony here from CartonCloud. And welcome to another one of Tony's Tips. Today, I wanted to talk about leeching invoice.

Now leeching invoice is where the invoice builds throughout the invoicing period, whether it be throughout the week or throughout the fortnight, or throughout the month, depending on how you've set up your invoicing for your customers.

Now, the benefit of a leaching invoice is especially in with the TMS when you've got consignments and you have charge errors which are building throughout the week. The good thing is, if you keep on top of those charged errors on a daily basis, then you can go through and you can get them all sorted out.

So therefore, your accounts department or the accounts team isn't going to have a whole lot of charge errors on the Monday morning when they go in and they're waiting for the ... Or to see how the invoice generated over the weekend.

So what I'm talking about, if I go to the More button here. And I go to Invoices, you can see here that I have four invoices. Now, these are a fortnightly invoice. And you can see that they're leeching. And I have two of them with charge errors. So where we actually go in and turn on the invoicing is if we go to Contacts, Customers.

We'll come into at the Auto Parts. And I'll hit Edit. And if I go to the Invoice tab, then you can see here that there is Automatically Generate Invoice. And this one is set as, "Yes, continually build the invoice during the period." And the other one is just the standard where it will build the default invoice at the end of the storage period. But leeching invoices, I really like them. I think for the transport side of things, it allows people to be on top of their building invoice. Anyway, just another one of Tony's Tips. Cheers.

Just another one of Tony's Tips.

To learn more about leeching invoices using CartonCloud visit our Knowledge Base article here



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