We're constantly building features to improve our warehouse management system and transport managements system, a lot of this new functionality is built from our current users providing feedback on what tools will make their lives easier. Below are the major updates from the release. If you want to find out even more information, check out our release log.

Custom Fields Linking to Addresses

This update for release 91 includes continued development on our custom fields feature which gives CartonCloud the flexibility to tailor our system to your organisation. The update within this feature now allows users to link addresses to custom fields giving you greater control to streamline your logistics. Check out the video below to see some examples like adding opening and closing times for addresses.

For more information on the Run Sheet Custom Fields visit our knowledge base.

ZPL Printing

Release 91 has another great update which gives users the option to customise their labels on consignments and sales orders in a simple ZPL format. Check out the video below to see how you can customise your labels.

For more information on the Consignment Data Export visit our knowledge base


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