Scan Move 2.0 Move Cart has arrived! The phase two release of Scan Move 2.0 is now available on your iOS and Android device. This is currently an opt-in enhancement, so see our instructions on how to enable this for your device.

If you were impressed with the line-level visibility we introduced in phase one of Scan Move 2.0, you are going to be even more thrilled with the functionality and benefits of the Move Cart. The Move Cart allows you to add multiple products from multiple locations, split them if required, and then move them to one or multiple locations.


The Move Cart will be a game-changer in your warehouse and a feature favourite amongst your staff, opening up additional workflows and increasing visibility and accuracy when completing stock moves.



Not only can you split stock quantities and improve stock movement efficiency with the Move Cart but you can also print new labels once the move is complete. This is extremely useful when you split a quantity or are putting away unassigned stock and require a new label. 

Tasks such as replenishing pick face locations, consolidating warehouse locations, and putting away unassigned stock can all be completed with ease using the Move Cart. These activities will help streamline your operation processes, moving your orders out the door and to your customers quicker. 

For the full guide on how to use Scan Move 2.0 Move Cart check out our Knowledge Base article. Happy scanning! 

We aim to make CartonCloud as powerful and easy to use as possible for our customers. If you have an idea on how we can improve our software, or would like to vote on existing ideas, please head over to our Ideas Portal.


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