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Hey guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with another one of Tony's Tips. Today I want to talk about addresses, and I was thinking about this one because I had one of the customers I was on-boarding, and they were driving out in the Never Never, and they had a post code which went for 800 kilometers long. Now, the issue with that is, is that the first roadhouse is gonna be a completely different rate than the last roadhouse on National Highway One, for instance.

So, what we did is, we'd come up, and I'll always remember the name, Hells Gate Roadhouse, was a classic one. So what we can actually do, is we can get the address, and we can actually map that address to a rate zone. So what we did is, is we actually made it having it's own rate zone.

So, over here if we go to this address to rate zone mappings tab, and then we add an address to this rate zone mapping. So we're gonna go in here, and it's Bob's Groceries, for instance, 'cause Bob's Groceries sends all the groceries to the roadhouse. The delivery type, or the address type, is for their delivery, and that's the address going to Hells Gate Roadhouse. You know, we can then go down, and we can select the delivery run. Now, for instance, if we go down here, I've created a delivery run called the National Highway, 1200 K run, and then we've got our rate zone.

So then what we can do, is we can go down, we can actually pick our own rate zone, which we have for Hells Gate Roadhouse. Now, you know, this may work out there in the Never Never, but it also works when you have a specific, you know, you might do a the same delivery every day, and it's going from one warehouse to another warehouse, and you give them this special rate. So you can actually map address to address, or address to rate zone, or address to delivery run.

So it just makes it easy to make sure that you know the right charges are going on the right con-note to the right customer. So we'll go in here. We'll go create, and then we've got it. So now we've got an address for Hells Gate Roadhouse, and every time it goes there, we know that it's getting charged at the right rate, and we know it's going on the right delivery run.

Now maybe that's something that you can work in with your business, you know. I don't know, but I'm just hoping that you'll find it interesting, and you'll hang out for another one of Tony's Tips. 

Thank you and goodbye.


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