Video Transcription


Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.


One thing which I really want to point out to people is, on the dashboard we have notifications. In the notifications, what it does, it gives us an idea of things we need to do; housekeeping. It's as simple as that; housekeeping.

If you've got draft invoices, for instance, this one here has 3,097 draft invoices. If you have draft invoices in your system or unallocated address strings or unallocated consignments, you're not getting the value of CartonCloud. You're not using CartonCloud to its fullest potential.

There's so much powerful stuff in this system and the dashboard with the notifications is telling you that you need to do some action.

If you guys need to look at these things or if you need some more training, or if you don't understand these things, please reach out because we have onboarders, like myself, here to help you. But all I can do is really enforce that if your dashboard is full of notifications, you need to get somebody on to it. They're never gonna go down by themselves. Be a bit proactive and like I say, if you need some help, please reach out.

Tony with Tony's Tips. Have a good day.


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