Video Transcription

Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

We get it on a regular basis where somebody will be trying to add a product to a sales order, and they can see that there is free product there, but they actually can't put it on a sales order.

There's some real simple little tricks. If we were to go to the warehouse and then through to the warehouse locations, and here I've got location A5-02, and I'm trying to grab a product out of here and it won't allow me to get it. What I can actually do is, I can go into the location and I can click on the stock.

Here's my Van Slootens, which I'm actually trying to take out of stock, but for some reason, it won't allow me to. When I actually click on here, I can ... I get into the purchase order product, but I can actually go to the related sales orders, and here in the back, what I can actually see is that I'm trying to take some stock, but it looks like there is a sales order 61 and sales order 60, both in draft status.

But even though they're both in draft status, they've actually got stock allocated to them. So, it's a really simple thing where, with lots of people adding in items ... And this could be ... For instance, this one here has Joan's order for June 30th. So, she's just allocating stock to herself. She might be at the customer's place, she might be here, there, or anywhere, and with everybody not in the same room, it's pretty hard to say, "Hey." That's just a simple little way of how you can go through and just have a look at the related sales orders for your stock.

And you can do it also by just going in through the products, as well.

But just a helpful little tip. It's just something I've come across quite a few times where people can't understand why they can't put a product on a sales order.


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