Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

One thing I really wanted to sort of touch base on was the search for anything bar. In the search for anything bar, it's a very powerful tool, because it does exactly that, you can search for anything. One thing I found out that customers do is they will go in, and for instance, they'll be creating a sales order, and you could create a sales order here for Bob's Groceries, and what you want in the reference, there're could be a couple of different references.One reference might be the customers PO and it might be PO 124, whatever it might be, but then, you also want to put in, so for your reference a container number. Now, in doing that, when you then go into the search for anything bar, you could search for either your customers P.O. or the container number, and you'll find it straight away. It's just the little things which make your life easier.

The customer could log in at a customer level, and they wanna search their own thing, but for instance, your administration people might wanna go in, and search via the container. Just another little little tip, but very powerful, very useful.

Okay, see you next time!

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