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Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.


Today I wanted to talk about POD content overlay. So, POD content overlay is in regards to laying a signature over the top of your customer's invoice. So, what we can actually do is, if we were to go into Contacts, Customers, and I'd go into Bob's Groceries, for instance. If we go I and edit Bob's Grocery as a customer, we go into the Transport Management settings and then we go to the POD tab.

What we actually get is we've got different versions of Proof of Delivery Modules and you can click the More Info and go to a knowledge base for more details. And it's also where you can get what looks like Gobbledygook down the bottom here, but it's actually the position of the POD and it's just X and Y-axis. So this one here, normally, is set to the Default. You can do a Cover Sheet or a Cover Sheet, not required or a Template, but this one here we're doing is Content Overlay.

So if I was to go in there and do that, and I was to save that customer, now this just only affects that one customer of Bob's Groceries. So if I was to then go into a consignment for Bob's Groceries, and we go in and I grab one of these consignments, and I then go to a Customer Invoices, and this is where we can actually attach the customer's invoice. So we add invoice, we choose the file and here is just an invoice template, which I've downloaded earlier. So we open that one and then we upload that invoice now to this consignment.

So then what happens is when the driver goes out and he does his delivery, the signature he gets on his normal POD is overlaid over the top of the customer's invoice. So here's one I've done earlier and if I download the POD, what we actually get is the customer's invoice. Then down here, you can see, and I've actually signed it saying signature, and the gentleman's name was called Sign here on this one, but it's also got the date.

Now, a simple thing like being able to overlay a signature, a person's name and the time and date received can make all the difference when you're trying to stand out from your opposition. And it just goes straight on top of what is the standard normal CartonCloud POD?


But yeah, just a helpful little tip, which I think can really make a difference when you're trying to keep the customer happy.


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