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Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

Today I wanted to talk about document templates. Document templates get me actually excited. I really like going in and manipulating consignments and run sheets and labels and things like that. Now, with CartonCloud, if you go up into the search for anything and we type in template, we'll actually get the document templates. And it gives us a list of all of these templates we have for things like sales order, delivery notes, proof of delivery, run sheets, consignment notes. And what we can do, is we can go through and we can manipulate all of these.

Now, if we were to go over into our knowledge base, the heading for this page is Document Template Placeholders. And in here it actually gives us all the placeholders, and virtually all it means is that if I was to type in organisational names underscore with dollar signs at either end, it will actually go into the code in the background and it will grab the tenancy name of your CartonCloud name and it will put it in the consignment or in the label. And the same with, the company name is the name of your customer and things like that. So there's lots of little tricks you can go in and do here.

And we can manipulate labels in a PDF version. And what we can actually do is we can go into these and we can actually download the sample and then you can go in and you can sort of follow your notes. So if you break something, you can always go back in and readjust it and load up the default one again. So don't be scared to go in and have a try.

Now, I'll just give you an example. This here is a run sheet. And this run sheet I wanted to put in pickup details. Now, most of the time they don't have the pickup details in there. So I've gone in there and I've added in pickup details and done a few other little bits and pieces just to make it better for my tenancy virtually. So I could sort of go through and look at all these different bits and pieces. One I like to play around with is purchase order labels. Now, with the purchase order labels we can actually put multiple barcodes on these. So this one for instance, it's set up so that it's actually got the top barcode is the product barcode and the bottom barcode is the CartonCloud pop barcode. So the bottom barcode we use when we're scan moving for instance. But the top barcode, if you got one product all of goji berries and you want to scan that barcode, you can actually use that as a verifiable scanning solution.

We can also go through and do consignment notes where we can go in and manipulate those. And this one up, for instance, I've got in all these different fields and I wanted to put them in a different order because the way I wanted it for the driver was to be in a certain way. So I've gone through and I've rearranged them. Now, the other cool thing we can actually do is we can do these just based on the customer. So if I was to go into context customers and I was to go into Byron's Burgers for instance, and I was to go edit. I can then go over into the templates over here and I can do a consignment just for Byron's Burgers. And so I may want to put the Byron's Burgers logo on their PODs or on their consignment note, just to make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Anyway, just another one of Tony's tips. I really get excited when I talk about templates. I know it's weird, but I think they're amazing and give it a go.


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