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Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

Today I wanted to talk about addresses. Now, when we go into an address, and we amend it, what a lot of people forget about is that, that address has been used maybe a hundred times before.

Now, if we want to keep the original details in that address, if we go and change it later on because Bobs Grocerys at Browns Plains, for instance, if we come on in here, and we can see we've got this consignment with an address. We click into this address and we hit edit.

Well, when we go in and change this from 25 Tradelink Drive, what it's actually going to do is it's going to change the entire history of every consignment with that address, or whether it be a sales order or whatever it may be.

So a lot of the times what we actually tell people to do is, to go in and create a new address. You go in and create the new address, so you deactivate the old one, and you would then go through and create a brand new address.

Another thing which people seem to overlook, or don't know really how to use properly, is the email address within the address. If we have an email address sitting here within this address, it will automatically send a POD to the receiver.

If we go to Bobs Grocerys at Browns Plains, if we do a delivery there, because I have this email address at, it will automatically send them a POD straightaway. Even though we could have it set up so that it will actually send the customer a POD, it will also send the receiver a POD, which can be really helpful if you have one of them customers where you go to on a regular basis, and they're always disputing that they didn't know what got, or they didn't get the signature, or whatever it may be, you know that automatically they're going to get one everytime.

Anyway. Just another one of Tony's Tips.


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