Video Transcription

Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

The other day we had a situation where a customer asked us, that knowing for the Search for Anything is a powerful tool, and now we're trying to search for batch numbers and things like that in the Search for Anything.

Now Search for Anything won't find a lot of the custom fields. So one thing, what we did, is we actually said if you know what the batch number is you're looking at, you can actually find which products you have in your warehouse, which are linked with that batch number. So if we go up the top to the warehouse, and then go into products. And if we go into the filter. So over here, where you see search text, we can actually use that search field.
Now I put in a batch number here which is 06112018, because my customer has rung me up and said we want to know what products we've got with that batch. Now if I was to search for that, what it actually has done is it's come back and it's told me that for Bobs Groceries, under that batch number I've got some toasted coconut, some Goji berries, and some Van Slootens.
So just the little means of being able to go through, the customer at the time was going into the customer stock owner end report. Putting in all the columns, exporting it out, scrolling through or putting a filter, or doing ... just a really powerful really way to get some extra information really really quickly. And then of course if you want more you delve in, you put in some reports and you give all the information and email it off.
But a really good way of just being able to search for a custom field. Now whether that's a batch number, or whether that's a custom field of a ship pallet or something like that, which we've put in. We can go through and whatever it may be. But yeah, just a little tip. Hopefully you can use it.

Anyway. Just another one of Tony's Tips.


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