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Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

The other day, we were discussing in the support area here, a little issue I had where I have one of my tenants who I'm onboarding, and they have a custom field for their products for pallet types. Now, where this sort of comes in is if we were to go to Contacts, Customers, and we were to go into, say Bob's groceries, and we go edit, under Warehouse Management, you can see there is a tab called Purchase Order Products. Now, in here is where we can have things like batch number, pallet ID and pallet type.

Now, it's important to note that these three custom fields are all required. It all says in this dropdown, yes, it's required. Now, why that's important is, what was happening was the customer saw that there was a whole heap of things on CHEP pallets and that they were paying for them, so they supplied some plain pallets. My tenant had to then go into the warehouse location and update the pallet types on a whole heap of different products.

Now, I'll show you what I mean. We go to Warehouse. We go Warehouse Locations, and it was in the bulk bin. So, we come into the bulk bin. From here, we can click on the Stock tab. We can see here, for instance, I've got some pallets of Van Slooten's down here, down the bottom. They've got batch numbers, they've got pallet IDs, and they've also got a type of pallet. So, if we click into this, what we can actually do is one of the options here is we can change the expiry date, batch number or pallet ID. In here is where we come, and what we're actually doing is we were just hitting this dropdown box and saying, "We wanted to change it from a CHEP to a Loscam, and of course, yes, there was 2,000. Sorry, CHEP to a plain. There was 2,000 on there.

So, then when you go to change, of course, what then happens? My customer says, "Well, look, that's a very long way around of doing it because I've then got to put in the batch number, I've got to put in the pallet ID." I was looking and thinking, "Yeah, that is a bit strange." Then, of course, we have a look over here on the left-hand side where it says copy. Of course, if you hit that copy button, it will actually copy everything from the top line and move it down to the bottom line. So, then of course, you copy that across. We then change it to a plain, and we say change, and bang. There we go. That product is updated.

Just sometimes, the simple things, which you can see right in front of you, you sort of you see them all the time, and you don't actually realize what they're for or how important they are and how easy they are to use. Great help. Anyway, I'll leave it with you. 


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