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Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

A recent change which we've had in the past few months is what we've been doing is we were trying to make the storage periods more consistent across CartonCloud. And what I mean by that is we had some of the settings was in the organisation settings. Other settings were in the rates cards. So what we've actually done is we've simplified it in a way. So if I was to go to the more button and go into customer charges, and I go into my beverage rates for 2019. If I go into that charge and I edit this, where we have the storage charges or the storage period settings, what we've actually done is we've allowed ... Before it used to be about the amount of days, so you could say that it was set for seven days, or you'd put it to set to zero if you wanted to disable it.

So what we've actually done is we've now got a drop down, so we can actually say that it's disabled or that it's daily. If it's disabled, then there'll be nothing there apart from the pallet rental. If it's daily, once again, it doesn't need any other settings. On weekly, it will actually ask you what day would you like the storage to start on. And the same as fortnightly, exactly the same. But if we then would turn it to monthly, what we can actually do is we can pick which day of the month we want it to start on.

And where that comes in handy is some customers have turned around and said, "Look, we charge monthly. We don't want the seven day periods in our storage charge." So we actually charge from the 15th of one month to the 15th of next month. And therefore they don't worry about the 30th and the 31st, or the 28th of February or whatever it may be. And that's how they do it. So we've simplified it so that it'll actually work better for you as a customer. But, yes. So you can easily go on, set that to monthly, scroll down the bottom and hit save. Just means everything's in one place. Makes it really nice and simple, and there's no confusion on how it all works

Just another one of Tony's Tips.


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