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Hi All, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips

What I wanted to talk to you today about is the mobile app and keeping it up to date.

Now as iOS or Apple or even Android are constantly updating their software, we constantly have to update our mobile apps to make sure that they match with the upgrades that Apple are doing or Android are doing or whoever it may be. We actually do these updates on an average, probably once every two weeks. We do releases the same sort of time as we do our sprints, which is the release of updates to the web app. So with the mobile app, the way we look to make sure that we're up to date is, if you can see here, we're on the mobile app. If I hit the three bars at the top, I can actually go to hit settings and it tells me up the top that I'm on version 1.7.5. So of course, that's the latest one as of the 18th of September.

Constantly, we're always updating and we always say to the drivers or to any of our customers, "Look, you know, make sure that you have your auto updates on." A lot of drivers have it in their mind that if they put on auto updates, it's going to get a whole heap of downloads and bits and pieces. Now, that may be right for some of the other stuff they have on their phone, but the updates for CartonCloud are not that big. So we sort of say, "Make sure you keep an eye on it." Now, the way you can tell what our latest one is, is in Carton Cloud here, if we hit the question mark, we'll come up with the knowledge base. If we actually go here on the left hand side, you can see the release log.

Now, if we click on the release log, you can actually see that we've had an iOS update and it tells us that it's version 1.7.4 and that it was actually released on the 16th of September, and it's got a few little bug fixes. Then you can see, here's another one we have where Jorge has released another update for Android. So Android version is 4.4.6, so it's just a way to make sure that your drivers are getting the most out of the mobile app and that you know any of the little bug fixes or any of the additional extras because we're constantly updating, changing fonts, making things easier, making things more streamlined, updating error messages and trying to make it easy for you guys and for your drivers to use and even the warehouse staff obviously.

Just another one of Tony's Tips.


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