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Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

Last week, I had a client who wanted to load up 40 of their drivers into CartonCloud all at once. Now, what they decided is they got all of the drivers email addresses, and they decided that they were going to come up with a configuration of what they were going to use as the drivers passwords, and it was a configuration of their mobile number, and their initials sort of thing. As we're always learning here at CartonCloud, I went to contacts -> users, and I did notice that we had the import CSV file. What we can actually do is when we go here, we can get the download sample data.

When we get this file, it spits us out of CSV, and what actually happens is we can come in here, and we can have a look, and we can actually get all of the details of the user, so we've got the the person's name, the email, whether we want to create a password. Now, if we do want to create a password remembering it's going to be eight digits or more. We can put in their passwords, even along the lines of we can put in what role it is, whether they're a driver, or even customers. Now, this is quite good if you send this out to your customers, and they've got three, or four different people which they want to actually load up into the system.

You can send out this data to everybody, they can populate it, bring it all back in, collect it all together on one one sheet, and just upload them, or even upload them all individually. We can go through, we can we can put in the warehouses, or which customer it is, and then, all we do is we save the file, and then, we go back in. It's saved, we go back in, we choose the file, we grab that file, and we upload it into CartonCloud, and it will create all of the users automatically for us, including their passwords, and everything.

And then, of course, what you can do is is you can keep the file on hand, so that if you do need to go through it you can just update passwords, and do them all in bulk.

Anyway. Just another one of Tony's Tips.


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