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Hi All, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips

Tony here from CartonCloud with another one of Tony's Tips.

One of the things I come across the other week, which I really like, is a good little function. And people actually don't understand what it is and it's warehouse location group names. 

So if I was to come into the warehouse and I would go into the warehouse locations. When we go through and we export, so I'm just going to go through and I've got some roller pick face and I would go through and I would export this spreadsheet.

Well, what actually happens is we have in the spreadsheet, we have a group name. Now what this means is this customer, actually and it was Linda, I was setting it up for Linda and I thought it worked out really well. So Linda, thank you. But anyway, so what we've got is bay one here takes up one pallet space.

So they have a bunch of roller pick faces and they've gone through and they've said, "Well, this is one space. This is another space, two spaces." Now they don't want to charge each individual roller. They want to say that if a customer has a carton in that pick face of that roller being bay one, then charge one pallet space. So this is what this group name will do. And the way I come across it is, one of our customers went through and put all these group names in thinking that it was about, the areas of his warehouse and couldn't work out why his whole warehouse only charged three pallet spaces. But this is why. So it works out really well. So I've come through to these rollers, and I've got here bay one, bay two, bay three, bay four and bay five, because there's five pallet spaces, which we want to make sure that we charge for.

So if they've got one item in there and one item in bay five, it's going to charge them the per location based on a pallet space. Really helpful little trick. Everybody does something different in their warehouse. Some people have rollers, some people have shelves, some people have different pick faces. And with the flexibility of CartonCloud, we really can go through and work out how we can make the charges work, and how it worked for your business. Anyway, as always, if you need any more help or advice on this, get on to support at, and no doubt, we'll get back to you. Cheers.

Just another one of Tony's Tips.

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