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Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

We have a lot of customers who get a little bit concerned and don't really understand the benefit of ZPL printers and things like that.

So just one little trick which I have told a lot of people, if we go over from the more button and we go down into the remote print jobs, in here, in the remote print jobs, it will actually tell you what ZPL labels have been printed out. And we can do some pretty cool stuff in here.

If we've got multiple ZPL printers around the place, now, we may have a person in the operations office, and they might be keying in the sales orders or the consignment notes or they're coming or they're distributing, or however it is they're doing it. But they may be the hub. Then what happen is we could have the warehouse on one side of the shed and the transport side on the other side of the shed. And they could be quite a fair distance away. So we can do things where we can set up ZPL printers so that all consignments go to one printer and all sales orders and purchase order labels go to another printer.

We can even have them all separate. So what we can do is, if we go into this configure printers button here and we add printer configuration, what we can actually do is we can say that a consignment based on ... and we can even pick which user we want, but we'll just say, "If any user prints out a consignment label, then we want it to go through to the ZPL printer on one side of the shed." And we can save that one.

Then what we can do is we can come in and we can go in and we can add another printer configuration and we'll say that any purchase order with any user, we want that one to actually go through to a different ZPL printer. And we can save that one.

So it doesn't matter who does the job, it will make sure that the ZPL labels go on one side of the shed for the warehouse guys and on the other side of the shed for the transport guys.


It's just a little helpful tip. If you do get stuck when it comes to ZPL printers or the setup, please just get in contact with us here at Cotton Cloud, and we'll try and help our way through.


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