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Easy-to-use, integrated Warehouse and Transport management software that lets you simplify operations, and grow your business with ease.

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Logistics software built by logistics people

We're logistics people too. This means, we understand your business and how the right software can help you streamline workflows and boost output. 

CartonCloud's easy-to-use warehouse and transport management software is the favorite 3PL WMS and TMS for growing logistics businesses. 
Streamline your warehouse and distribution operations with automated data entry and invoicing, seamless software integrations, and features that are designed to simplify your day-to-day operations.


Flexible pricing to suit your operations, from just $99 per week

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How does it work?

We've helped over 450 logistics companies worldwide to grow and prosper without the headache, with our innovative WMS and TMS. 


Automated logistics operations

Optimize your entire operation. Automated data entry and invoicing, optimized workflows for warehouse picking, packing, replenishment, transport routes, consignment notes, driver notifications and more.


Seamless warehousing and distribution management

CartonCloud makes your life easier. Our integrated warehouse and transport software will help you increase productivity, delight your customers and improve your bottom line.


Remove manual data entry

Manage inventory with ease, automate routine tasks, deliver visibility to customers and have the ability to do more, with the resources you have.


Barcode scanning

Improve picking accuracy and warehouse inventory management with barcode scanning and printing capability.


Increase daily deliveries

Streamline delivery operations and last-mile invoicing with driver ETA text messages, route optimization and sign-on-glass for electronic PODs.


Automated invoicing

Slash admin hours with automated billing workflows. Capture all billable events and calculate complex rate cards with ease. Say goodbye to lost revenue, and stop revenue leaks.


Simple and effective Logistics Management for SMEs

Ultilize fully integrated WMS/ TMS software to streamline workflow from the warehouse to freight distribution and delivery.


No lock in contracts, we’re a SaaS company

Choose the plan that suits your business! Our integrated transport and warehouse management software is filled with useful features to enhance your operations at every step.

Speak to our team about your business needs, how many orders you are processing per week and the features you’re looking for — and we can help you select the plan that’s right for you. As you grow with CartonCloud, you can scale up or add on new features as you need.

See our software in action and find the right plan for you with a FREE demo with our experienced onboarding team, who are all industry professionals with extensive logistics experience.

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The benefits of using CartonCloud logistics software

Imagine having transparency across every step of your transport and warehouse management operations, flawlessly controlled and efficiently conducted thanks to features designed specifically to solve the common issues found in the industry.

Automated allocations

CartonCloud makes it easier to allocate your consignments. You can setup delivery runs and allocate postcodes so when consignments get created CartonCloud can automatically build your delivery runs.

Route optimization

Once you've created your delivery run CartonCloud can optimize your delivery route based on start and stop address. Your allocator can do this within the web application or your driver can do it on the road with the mobile application.

Reducing pick errors

Being able to remove pick errors and increase picking speed by using either an android or iOS smartphone paired with a laser barcode scanner to scan pick jobs.

Save time with complex rate cards

Rates can be your worst nightmare to calculate manually. In CartonCloud you load your rates in once and then they're calculated automatically based on the events and triggers you want.

Electronic proof of deliveries

No more lost POD's, we make it so easy to record consignments with our electronic proof of deliveries feature. Drivers can record waiting times, damaged stock with images, temperatures plus much more.

Integrated WMS & TMS

Save time communicating between warehouse and transport staff because CartonCloud has both a warehouse management system and a transport management system.


Reduce admin overheads by 80%

Get more hours in the day. Say goodbye to long hours spent allocating jobs and filing paperwork. Track your freight and warehouse locations with ease, and update on the go through the CartonCloud Mobile App.

No more missing stock, or lost paperwork. Now you can say yes to new business and increase what you can do with the resources you already have.


Made for logistics

We’re logistics people too. CartonCloud’s fully features 3PL software feels so at home in the aisles of a warehouse, the front seat of a lorry, and logistic office — because it’s software created by logistics people, for logistics people.


Powerful features

Get features to simplify your operations and let you do more with what you have. Increase accuracy with barcode scanning, pull sales orders directly from your customer’s ordering platforms and use optimized wave picking for faster and more efficient picking and packing.


Streamlined automation

Easily integrate warehouse ordering with transport consignment notes through one system. Give your drivers more autonomy and support on the road with route optimization, push notifications and driver editing functions.


Streamline your operations today.

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Features that will simplify your operations


Integrated TMS & WMS

Streamline communication between warehouse and transport operations. Get started with our range of ready to use integrations, or set up complex integrations through our open API.

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Faster invoicing

Means you get paid faster. Input complex rate cards and automate invoicing with integrations to Xero & MYOB plus more.

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3PL storage & distribution

Calculate storage costs, picking fees, ad-hoc fees any fee you can imagine with our rate cards.

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Allocate jobs in seconds

Automatically allocate jobs based on postcodes and suburbs for faster delivery.

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Remove pick errors

One smartphone plus one Bluetooth barcode scanner and you'll improve your pick rate.

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Simplified cross docking

Receive stock on the fly with an easy-to-use manifest checklist, scan label barcodes to record inventory, whilst building your runs for delivery.

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Warehouse Features
Transport Features

Keep moving with the Mobile App

Get the most from your integrated WMS/TSM with our mobile app, available on both iOS and Android devices. The app includes smart features like wave picking optimization for warehouse, bluetooth connection for barcode scanners and mobile printers, driver push notifications, ETA texts and much more.

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Protect your business data with daily backups

CartonCloud backs up your data and protects it with multiple layers of security so you can keep your business running smoothly. We provide industry-standard data encryption, hosted on AWS and daily back ups.

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Over 3 million consignments and 2 million sales orders processed on CartonCloud each year

See how our customers are growing their businesses with CartonCloud.

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Get more hours in the day

CartonCloud makes life easier. Data entry is automated, admin tasks are completed faster, workflows are optimized for greater productivity and you can keep track of all of your operations with ease.

CartonCloud logistics software is designed with one primary goal in mind – to streamline your workflow so your business can accomplish more. Boost capacity, slash admin time, and get more hours in your day.

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