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Jess Saxton
Jess Saxton

Love comes in many different packages; and at CartonCloud, we are here for all. 

At CartonCloud, we know we’re more than just your software provider— we're a partner. Our customer success is what moves us, and we are proud to be the software that keeps your business moving. 

This Pride Month we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in logistics— from warehouse workers and truck drivers to logistics managers and executives— who are keeping the world's supply chains running smoothly.

💜 💙 💚 💛 🧡 To our colleagues, customers, peers, leaders, and friends, Happy Pride Month!

We hope yours is filled with love and celebration. 

From the entire team here at CartonCloud, we are proud to be your software, powering the companies that keep our communities moving.

At the heart of our CartonCloud company values are respect for our team and those in our communities. CartonCloud is a truly global company, with our team located in North America, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. 

We believe everyone should feel welcome, respected, and celebrated in their role, and in all interactions. 

We believe the cultural diversity of our staff, partners, and customers is something that makes us stronger as a company and is something we value and celebrate daily. 

While Pride Month is a great time to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the logistics industry, we encourage you to continue these conversations, with respect and celebration of all members of our industry year-round. A diverse and inclusive workforce is a strong workforce, and that's something we can all be proud of!

Happy Pride month!

Jess Saxton
Jess Saxton
CartonCloud Marketing Manager, Jess works closely with daily users and customers to understand the key topics and trends impacting the logistics industry — drawing on expert knowledge from across the CartonCloud team to deliver solutions, tips, and tricks for smarter, more efficient warehousing and freight management.
CartonCloud Marketing Manager

Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today