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"The customer simply emails the spreadsheet of what needs to be picked, and it's automatically sent through to CartonCloud, which enables our members to use their iPad's to pick the orders effectively using technology and no paperwork."



APF Cold Storage & Logistics

1 Belfast St, Athol Park, SA, 5012

(08) 8447 5625



4Site Falls Creek

21 Falls Creed Road, Falls Creek VIC 3699




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"So after getting in contact with CartonCloud, we had one of the sales team members, Shaun, get in contact with us. Within a week, we had it fully set up and running. We've put into up to 1,800 cartons a day to so many different locations."



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"Once I talked to Vincent and his team, the support was here in Australia, they were easy to contact. It was just an easy decision for us. We’re in a position now where we’re able to look at different freight routes now."



Hotham Freight

32 Churchill Ave, Bright VIC 3741

(03) 5750 1085



Iannace Refrigerated Transport

53 Woodforde Rd, Magill SA 5072

(08) 7073 7550



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"When CartonCloud came along and all of sudden it’s doing the run sheets for us and it’s so simple, it's just a matter of entering a number and when it's actually giving me a count, I'm going WOW this is unbelievable"



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"My experience with CartonCloud is it's a very affordable solution for small business owners. The benefit of CartonCloud is it has the transport system that works with the warehouse system."



Emmjay Warehousing Solutions

11-21 Forge St, Blacktown NSW 2148

(02) 9621 6888



Motus Transport

16 Chalmers Crescent, Mascot NSW 2020

0412 610 473



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"I would say, no doubt, CartonCloud is the absolute best system. Being able to finish like a normal person at 5:00, we've done all the allocating, we've printed all of the paperwork for the next day."



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"Having a product like CartonCloud actually allows us to deploy our fulfilment product faster across these markets "



DHL eCommerce Vietnam


+ 49 228 92 95 95 95



Cold Xpress Refrigerated Transport

830 Wellington Road, Rowville VIC 3178

(03) 9544 5000



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"The transition to CartonCloud to invoice has been smooth. For me it's a joy, the accuracy of this application is absolutely brilliant. I cannot get over what it does. It does my job in half."



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"When we started on Carton Cloud we found that it automatically calculates as you go, which greatly improved our productivity in our invoicing segment"



BDP International

189E South Centre Road, Tullamarine, Victoria 3043

(03) 8346 1900



Specialised Logistics Australia

 67 Boundary Road, Carole Park, QLD, 4300

 (07) 3879 3500



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"It now results in a cost saving for the customer as they're able to do the primary admin themselves"

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