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This short video of Tony will show you how easy it is to process your invoices once you have it automated with CartonCloud.

Automate your invoicing today.

Tony is one of our onboarders here at CartonCloud and has been in the logistics industry for over 20 years in operations.

Check out his how-to series on YouTube that gives you an idea on how CartonCloud will work once you have it running live.

This video Tony shows you how simple invoicing is once you have your rates automated with CartonCloud.


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Rate cards that are easy-to-use & can be shared between clients.

Once you've negotiated your rates, you load the logic into your rate cards which can be shared between customers. Every time a job is completed CartonCloud will use that logic to automatically calculate the rate.


Complex logic based on special events and what day it is.

With CartonCloud you can automate even the most complicated rates with our sophisticated invoicing algorithm, using programming logic without the programmer, it's as easy as that.


Automate invoicing with Xero, MYOB or your accounting app.

Now with all your rates being automatically calculated when jobs are completed. When invoicing time comes around CartonCloud will automatically create and send invoices for you from your accounting app.


Never miss a charge again, with alerts & notifications.

With all your jobs being entered into CartonCloud, you'll never miss an invoice, charge or fee again. Users are prompted to check off ad-hoc fee's and when something doesn't look right CartonCloud will alert you.

Improve cash flow, seriously... just automate it.



Charge options

We have a vast amount of industry standard rate charges but everyone is different so you can create your own. 

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Storage charges

Make sure you don't miss any storage fee's, we can automate storage rates so you don't have to worry. 

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Group charging

Multiple consignments to the same store on the same day can be automatically grouped to provide discounts. 

Learn more


Automated billing

Automatically calculate expense rates for on-forwarder charges, drivers pay, contractors and more, it's that simple.

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Shared rate cards

Do you have multiple clients on the same rate? Easy. Create one rate card and link as many clients as you'd like. 

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Handling charges

We automatically calculate pick and put-away charges based on quantity and measurement picked. 

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"See with the kids they're much happier, because I'm much more present, so it's really, really changed our lives. It's made us much happier"
Emily Harris - Owner Motus Transport



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"I would say, no doubt, CartonCloud is the absolute best system. Being able to finish like a normal person at 5:00, we've done all the allocating, we've printed all of the paperwork for the next day."

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