Features that will streamline your warehouse


Automated invoices

All the complex rate calculations are done when it comes to invoicing and then pushes to your accounting software. 

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Complex rate cards

You can process complicated logic based on events and triggers loaded then have the rates calculate automatically. 

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Stock movement report

See ins and outs for a single product or you can easily filter for a specific expiry/batch number. 

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Warehouse stock report

Transparency for your client, with a simple click you or your client can see current stock on hand for picking. 

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Tablet friendly

Our web app is designed for warehouse operations to use iPads or other tablets for all in-warehouse operations. 

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Remove pick errors

One smartphone plus one bluetooth barcode scanner and you can be setup in minutes to improve your pick rates. 

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CartonCloud can handle multiple warehouses across the country/globe with individual operational stock, orders and users.

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Flexible, customisable measurement options for products, cartons, pallets, tier, drum, bags or whatever you choose. 

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Load conversion quantities to automatically scale between measurements, such as cartons per pallet. 

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Historic Stock

It's so simple, all you need to do is enter the date and click Go. Stock reports are available for any historic date. 

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Charging alerts

Have alerts pop up when you may have missed charging on a job or something just isn't right. 

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Temperature zones

Handle temperature zones such as chilled, ambient, frozen and more with unique storage charges for each. 

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Wave picking

Increase the speed of your warehouse staff by introducing wave picking to improve efficiencies in your warehouse. 

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Online 24/7/365

You or your clients can login online to create jobs, check stock levels, download invoices and ePOD's. 

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Batch control

Simple to control batches in CartonCloud where you load in the custom field which you can then search on. 

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Bulk locations

Create unique pallets within bulk locations automatically when performing movements or put-aways. 

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Location efficiency

Define location efficiencies in your warehouse to ensure the most accessible stock is picked. 

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Multiple Packagings

Handle products with multiple product packagings/configurations without needing two SKU's. 

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4PL friendly

Transparently manage off-site warehouses with picker logins and customer logins so everyones on the same page. 

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Stock statuses

Quarantine, damages and other stock issues can be easily managed through stock statuses. 

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Store many per location

To make things easier they're no restrictions on the number of SKU's or customers stored on a single location

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Free online support

Local support with expert industry knowledge

Get expert help and local support when you need it. CartonCloud has a large knowledge base with everything you need to know about all our features and tools. You can submit a support ticket, lodge a bug online or give our support line a call for the tricky ones.

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