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Automated Data Entry

CartonCloud removes the entire data-entry process by reading your existing data directly from email attachments, FTP, API and/or integrations to systems such as Shopify, Xero, SAP, MYOB (+ many others). 


Mobile Scan Pick / Pack

CartonCloud is a fully-featured 3PL WMS. Our Android and iOS apps allow you to scan-pick products ensuring the correct stock leaves the warehouse while providing clients with a real-time view of order progress, stock levels and much more.


Allocate Delivery Runs

CartonCloud is also a fully-featured 3PL TMS. You can configure rules for automated sorting of jobs and use our route sorter to maximise driver efficiency on the road. See real-time updates of driver progress and track their location.


Navigate + Sign On Glass

No more paperwork or PODs to return. Our Android and iOS apps allow drivers to view and reorder their runs, navigate to the destination, group multiple jobs for a single POD signature capture, take photos and much, much more. PODs can be emailed to clients in real-time.


Automate Invoicing

CartonCloud enables 3PLs to invoice faster and get paid faster. Automate rates for both WMS & TMS onto a single invoice. Invoices are then pushed into Xero or MYOB and then emailed to your customer with your invoice + an Excel sheet breaking down how charges were calculated.

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Logistics Software Powerful Enough to Make Complicated Logistics Simple

Transforming the way businesses operate, CartonCloud is a logistics software solution designed with one primary goal in mind – to streamline your workflow so your business can accomplish more. No more long hours spent allocating jobs and filing. No more worrying about lost product or not having total control over your stock. No more having to turn down work from your customers because you can’t handle an increase in your workload. As an integrated transport management system and warehouse management system, with CartonCloud, you’ll have access to the features your business requires to finally get ahead.

Over 10 million jobs processed on CartonCloud

See how our customers are improving their operations and quality of life.



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"We're saving between 40 and 60 hours a week on admin, but we're doing 30 to 50% more work."



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“We’ve had a reduction of 4 full time equivalents in terms of head count, its reduced our overhead by as much as 20 percent and massively improved our accuracy, its been a massive win for us.”

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The Benefits of Using CartonCloud Logistics Software.

The advantage of CartonCloud is that it takes all your needs into account and puts everything from admin processes and accounting tasks to route optimisation and invoice creation all in one place. This benefits you, everyone on your team, and even your clients. Every step of your transport and warehouse management operations is transparent, flawlessly controlled, and efficiently conducted thanks to features designed specifically to solve the common issues found in the industry.

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Automated Allocations

CartonCloud makes it easier to allocate your consignments. You can setup delivery runs and allocate postcodes so when consignments get created CartonCloud can automatically build your delivery runs.

Route Optimisation

Once you've created your delivery run CartonCloud can optimize your delivery route based on start and stop address. Your allocator can do this within the web application or your driver can do it on the road with the mobile application.

Reducing Pick Errors

Being able to remove pick errors and increase picking speed by using either an android or iOS smartphone paired with a laser barcode scanner to scan pick jobs.

Save Time with Complex Rate Cards

Rates can be your worst nightmare to calculate manually. In CartonCloud you load your rates in once and then they're calculated automatically based on the events and triggers you want.

Electronic Proof of Deliveries

No more lost POD's, we make it so easy to record consignments with our electronic proof of deliveries feature. Drivers can record waiting times, damaged stock with images, temperatures plus much more.

Integrated WMS & TMS

Save time communicating between warehouse and transport staff because CartonCloud has both a warehouse management system and a transport management system.

No lock-in contracts, we're a SaaS company

CartonCloud takes efficiency to a whole new level with an integrated transport and warehouse management software that’s filled with useful features. With automated operations, you’ll save time and resources. You’ll empower your staff. And, you’ll give your clients a better experience.

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CartonClouds mission is to improve the quality of lives for our users by automating monotonous tasks and giving you the power to take back control of your life and no more working crazy hours just to get administration tasks complete.

Trust us when we say we've been there done that and it's not ideal to be pushing that hard just to break bread, with CartonClouds integrated warehouse management system and transport management system you'll never look back.

Powerful features that will change your life

Logistics software made by logistics people. CartonCloud was developed inside a Sydney 3PL company that had both 3PL transport and warehouse operations. The aim was to build a (TMS) transport management system with a (WMS) warehouse management system integrated, whilst focusing on automating admin processes, accounting tasks to speed up cash-flow and create total transparency for their clients while making it really easy-to-use.


Simple & quick EDI

Simple integrations for next to nothing or for complex integrations we have an open API. 

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Get paid faster

Input complex rate cards and automate invoicing with integrations to Xero & MYOB plus more. 

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Allocate jobs in seconds

Automatically allocate jobs based on postcodes and suburbs so your runs get done quicker. 

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Remove pick errors

One smartphone plus one bluetooth barcode scanner and you'll improve your pick rate. 

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Sign on glass ePOD

Android or Apple devices and your drivers can capture ePOD's, photos plus GPS tracking. 

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3PL storage & distribution 

Calculate storage costs, picking fees, ad-hoc fees any fee you can imagine with our rate cards. 

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Route optimisation

Android or Apple and you can optimise your delivery run based on your GPS location. 

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Online 24/7/365

Clients can login online to create jobs, check stock levels, download invoices and ePOD's. 

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Customised documents

Customise proof of deliveries, run sheets, pick sheets and more with your branding.

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CartonCloud founded by a Kiwi living in Australia

CEO Vincent Fletcher founded CartonCloud in his old 3PL warehouse & transport company in Sydney! Now based in Queensland with a team of logistics experts & software engineers providing you with local support.


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Protect your business data with daily backups

CartonCloud backs up your data and protects it with multiple layers of security including industry-standard data encryption and secure data-centres located in Australia.


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Our Knowledge base for online support 24/7/365

CartonCloud is dynamically evolving every fortnight with new features being released, so to help our users we provide a comprehensive knowledge base that outlines features, bug fixes plus more!


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