3PL (Third Party Logistics) Software

CartonCloud’s fully integrated warehouse and transport management software is built for accurate and efficient third party fulfilment.

Increase picking accuracy, order fulfilment capacity, and manage your inventory with transparency. Delight customers with last-mile delivery tracking, optimize your operations and slash admin hours with automated data entry and streamlined software integrations. Everything you need to manage your operations and grow your 3PL business.

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Picking accuracy

Picking accuracy

CartonCloud’s powerful mobile app lets you scan barcodes on the go, including warehouse rack and bulk location barcodes — for greater accuracy in inventory management and selection.

Last mile delivery

Last mile delivery

With CartonCloud’s intuitive 3PL freight software you can allocate hundreds of jobs in seconds, optimize delivery routes and record electronic PODs for greater accuracy and faster invoicing.

Cut admin by 80%

Cut admin by 80%

Our automated 3PL Logistics software is so intuitive, you can use it with your eyes closed. CartonCloud removes manual data entry with seamless integrations, and provides greater customer service through the customer portal access.

Easy to use 3PL Software

CartonCloud has helped over 450 logistics businesses to reduce overheads, slash admin time, increase efficiency and build the capacity of their fleet with optimized workflows. We’ve designed our software to simplify the day-to-day logistics operations, giving you more hours in the day and letting you do more with the resources you have.

Need to make a change, but too busy to change systems?

Don’t worry. Our software is easy to use and simple to set up. Our team of experts will help you each step of the way, to get your and your team online in no time, so you can start saving time and money sooner.

Everything you need, in the palm of your hand 

Flexible Barcode Scanning

Increase picking accuracy and efficiency. With the CartonCloud mobile app, warehouse staff can scan warehouse locations, pallets and inventory barcodes to ensure picking accuracy, and record inventory movement as they go.

Steamline operations

The mobile app is designed to make your life easier on the go — with optimized picking and put away workflows for greater efficiency. Tailor your storage to the inventory you have, with FIFO (first in/ first out), FEFO (first expired/ first out), wave picking, replenishment and other workflows to boost your warehouse efficiency.

Cross Dock with ease

Simplify cross docking operations by scanning incoming inventory or simply enter data from email attachment and allocate to the loading area in your WMS. Keep eyes on all of your inventory and simplify warehouse to delivery workflows.

Driver App

Drivers can effortlessly pull up the address and CatonCloud’s powerful TMS software will navigate them to the delivery address, where they can capture images, and electronic proof of deliveries plus more.

Simple and accurate reporting

With CartonCloud, your data is always up to date. Track stock movement, sales order fulfilment and consignment delivery — and allow customers to view reports and updates through their customer dashboard login 24/7.

Available in Demo mode

Want to see how our powerful mobile app works? Download the mobile app in Demo mode for FREE on iOS or Android and see for yourself.

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No lock in from $99 per week

No lock-in contracts, we're a SaaS company

Get the right plan for your business. Our flexible pricing plans start at $99/wk, allowing you to choose the right plan and features to suit your business size and operations. Select the add-on features you want (like replenishment for busy periods, or our powerful Business Intelligence tool for forward planning) —or simply start with our complete 3PL software solution out of the box and get your system online in moments.

Request a free demo to see our powerful software in action, and see how CartonCloud can optimize your business. Our experienced team provides friendly and helpful onboarding support to get you up and running in no time. Enjoy ongoing support and as always, no lock-in contracts.

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CartonCloud's warehouse and transport management software is built by logistics people, for logistics people. Our features and workflows are created by industry professionals and alongside our customers, to ensure you have the features you need to take on the challenges of the day. 

Before you buy, book a FREE demo with our friendly, experienced team.  Our team of experts can walk you through the features that are right for your business, and show you how CartonCloud can help you cut admin hours, boost accuracy, impress your customers, and so much more. 

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Beer, wine, cider, we don't do anything else, we don't do general freight. We stick to what we know and we try and offer really great service to our clients. Pound for pound we want to be the best.

There was a period of time where we didn't really have any warehouse system, we're archaic in how we're operating so we still had everything on paper. If those pick tickets don't make it back to the office, you don't charge your client. You're running the risk of not getting all the revenue that you've physically done. The invoicing process was very cumbersome, very labor intensive, and we acknowledge that there was a shortfall in our operation. We had a US based cloud software, which was okay but it wasn't paperless, it was a bit hard to get information. So we did a bit of research and found CartonCloud. I saw Rob at a trade show, he gave me a CartonCloud pen and said, you shouldn't need this. I took it away and I've gone, yeah, that's right.

We started rolling out CartonCloud and fully integrated everyone onto the new system, and the training behind that has been a matter of hours. Within a day they're all over it, know what they're doing. Just from a simple cost perspective we've been able redistribute our staff and what they do in different areas. So we're saving between 40 and 60 hours a week on admin, but we're doing 30 to 50% more work. You got the time and money you've saved there, plus the ability to invoice our clients in a more timely fashion. There's been a huge impact business. People are much happier to come to work knowing that we're running in an efficient way. Our staff are satisfied, our clients are really happy and looking back, I didn't think we've been able to achieve what we've been able to achieve the last 12 months without having the software there. Overall, it's just been a really great implementation from CartonCloud.


"We're saving between 40 and 60 hours a week on admin, but we're doing 30 to 50% more work. You’ve got the time and money you’ve saved there, plus the ability to invoice our clients in a more timely fashion — has been a huge impact on business."

Operations Manager - Liquex Logistics

"When CartonCloud came along and all of sudden it’s doing the run sheets for us and it’s so simple, it's just a matter of entering a number and when it's actually giving me a count, I'm going WOW this is unbelievable"

Angelo Iannace
Owner - Iannace Refrigerated Transport

Angelo Iannace:
I've earned a bit of a reputation as a loose canon; that's what some people think, eh.

What the fuck is that Jimmy? Well why did I have to walk in and find it?

That's a fucking muzzle.

Others may say it is passion. All it is is we get a little bit emotional when change comes upon, eh?

At [inaudible 00:00:33] we had three girls and all they would do is enter every single invoice. Every single bit of paperwork. So you're hoping that you were capturing everything. We'd actually physically count how many boxes we'd moved for the day. We had a client that we were losing on average maybe a box a day. Between five and eight boxes a week I was giving him as a credit.

I would never forget, I got put onto CartonCloud by recommendation.

Vince Fletcher:
We sort of did several attempts at kicking the thing off here but each time we ran into different issues. When it ended up all sort of coming to a tee was that I'd booked in a week to come down here. And the moment I came into the office, Ange said,
"I'm sorry Vincent. I didn't know that you were coming down. I sort of forgot."

Angelo Iannace:
We eventually pulled the pin on CartonCloud. And then I said to Vincent, "We're canning the idea. Don't worry about it gents, I'm not taking it." "Not gonna work, shut it down, we're shutting it all down. We don't want it. Tell Vincent he can shove it up his ass.


Yeah it was a pretty dramatic scene.

Vince Fletcher:

I said to Angelo, "All right, I understand. Do you mind though if I just spend the rest of today kind of like exit interviewing some of your staff just to find out where everything went wrong?"

Angelo Iannace:

Every single day, listening to every single problem, going through every ... like the phone would ring, right? It could have been my wife seeing what I wanted for lunch and Vincent would be there like. It showed me that he had belief in the system. But it was that sort of involvement, that sort of listening to solve a problem which is what got him over the line.

Vince Fletcher:

On about the third day I sort of was like, "Got to talk to Angelo about this. I think this can be repaired." And so I was really nervous and I came in here actually, I came into this office and said, "Angelo, I need to talk to you." And he straight away yelled out something in Italian to Jess.

Angelo Iannace:

Jess, Vieni Qui. I screamed to Jess, porta [foreign], which is bring the glasses.

Vince Fletcher:

He came wandering in with these two shot glasses.

Angelo Iannace:

Half way through when you're trying to sell me something, if I pull out the glasses, this deal is done.


Then we just had a [inaudible 00:02:36] and that's it.
Angelo Iannace:

When CartonCloud came along and all of a sudden doing the [inaudible 00:02:43] for us and it's so simple. It's just a matter of entering the number and when it's actually giving me a count, I'm going, "Wow, he's unbelievable." Now [inaudible 00:02:53] I don't lose a box because everything
is [inaudible 00:02:57]. And CartonCloud was so easy. It's just like night and day. It's unbelievable. It is what it is at the end of the day. It's a good way of controlling the stock. It's a good way of knowing where your product's been, where it's gone to, how
it's got there. Fantastic. If you're in transport, this [inaudible 00:03:13] is a no-brainer.

Features so intuitive you can onboard in days, not months

Integrated TMS & WMS

Integrated TMS & WMS

Streamline communication between warehouse and transport operations, with barcode scanning, ePODs and automated workflows. Simplify manual data entry through integrations with leading customer sales platforms, accounting software and more.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Bring your whole operation online with the CartonCloud mobile app for iOS and Android; with barcode scan picking, packing and order fulfilment, and transport driver route information, customer ETAs, order updates and sign on glass ePODs (and much more).

Complex rate cards

Complex rate cards

Process complicated rate cards with ease, using automated events and triggers, to calculate rates without manual intervention. Seamlessly link inventory between warehouse and transport rates for simplified invoicing, and say goodbye to missed revenue.



Receive and cross-dock stock on the fly with an easy-to-use manifest checklist designed specifically for fast-paced 3PL companies. Keep track of your stock at every point, and keep your workflow streamlined, with CartonCloud.

Tablet friendly

Tablet friendly

We know 3PL operations aren’t contained to an office. Now you can take your WMS on the go, using iPads or other tablets for all in-warehouse operations, with our web app optimized for tablets.

Scan barcodes

Scan barcodes

Increase picking accuracy and print new warehouse location labels once stock is moved. Scan barcodes by simply pairing the CartonCloud Mobile app with your preferred Bluetooth hardware.



Use software integrations to automated consignment data entry and allocation to drivers, saving on admin time and overheads, and ensuring accuracy. Allow drivers to amend consignments on the go (even when out of service), to keep your operations moving.

Route optimization

Route optimization

CartonCloud’s intuitive automation flows can optimize delivery routes based on start and stop addresses for faster and more efficient deliveries. current route optimization software seamlessly linked with CartonCloud.

Wave Picking

Wave Picking

Pick stock from multiple orders at once with wave picking, making the best use of your warehouse staff’s time and simplifying order fulfilment. Save time on picking and packing, and boost your warehouse capacity with ease.

Warehouse Features
Transport Features

Emily Harris:
It saves on costs. It saves on having to employ more staff. Because if I didn't have this program, I would have to have probably two admin people with me because there's no way that I'd be able to do the volume of work that we do.

Bruce Walkley:
We’ve turned an unprofitable operation into a profitable one. And we probably had a reduction of four full-time equivalents in terms of headcount. It's reduced our overhead by as much as 20% and massively improved our accuracy. It's been a massive win for us.

Adam Booth:
When I first looked at the program, and you knew that in the background that CartonCloud was doing all the invoicing for him, that comes true every Monday morning. I wake up and I know what I’m doing, I know the costings are captured, and I know it’s correct.

Bruce Walkley:
What CartonCloud has enabled us to take a business that was losing money and actually turned it into a business that's making money, and is self-sufficient, and relatively easy to run. And we did it, and we didn't miss a beat doing it.

Emily Harris:
It's given us the ability to get as big as we possibly can. For me, it's a no-brainer.

Join over 450 logistics companies growing with CartonCloud

"It saves on costs. It saves on having to employ more staff. Because if I didn't have this program, I would have to have probably two admin people with me because there's no way that I'd be able to do the volume of work that we do." - Emily Harris — Owner Motus Transport

Access hundreds of secure software integrations

We’re all about saving you time and making life easier. This is why CartonCloud provides seamless integrations to a range of software. Eliminate tedious manual data entry by utilizing our available software integrations out of the box, including one or two-way integrations for accounting, eCommerce, transport and route optimization software — or, use our public API and Zapier connections to create your own one-way integrations.

Simply connect your e-commerce and accounting software to CartonCloud through our powerful software integration and you can slash your admin time by over 50%. Delight your customers, with sales orders and purchase orders entered automatically into your system from their online ordering platforms or from email attachments.

CartonCloud integrates with over 20 popular business apps, and 1,000s more via Zapier.

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems
Intuit Quickbooks
Dear Inventory

Hear what our customers have to say!

We’re logistics people too

Warehouse management and logistics people

Take advantage of integrations and automated workflows to streamline your warehouse and transport operations within one integrated system. CartonCloud’s features are designed for 3PL workflows with features to simplify complex logistics.

Get your free demo today and find the right plan for your business.

Streamline your operations today

Streamline your operations today

Change the way you do business. Streamline data entry, improve customer service, increase accuracy and do it all with more hours in the day!

Get in touch for a free demo, and experience the difference, with CartonCloud’s integrated WMS/TMS system saving you time and money.

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