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With the help of industry members, we're keeping the industry pulse on crucial issues and tracking how sentiment toward industry hiring, economic climate and potential for business growth is changing over time.


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Each Quarter, the CCLI collects data across three consistent topics, tracking sentiment changes over time, and exploring attitudes and insights of industry issues, changes and trends.

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CartonCloud Logistics Index Reports


CCLI Q2, 2021

In Q2, we explored the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions on the logistics industry and attitudes toward more environmentally friendly industry practices. 

Q2 Snapshot: Q2 saw high industry optimism in regard to the economic climate and expected growth over the coming months — despite slightly lower optimism for hiring than the previous quarter.
Businesses felt the economic shifts, government stimulus and changes to business practices resulting from COVID-19 had a neutral to positive impact on the logistics, overall seen to have offset adverse effects felt from restrictions and border closures.

When looking to adopt more environmentally friendly processes, the switch to paperless technology was seen as the most popular investment. 

Download the Q2 Report here. 

CartonCloud Logistics Report Q2

CCLI Q1, 2021

Our inaugural report explored what activities businesses were planning for growth in the coming 12 months, the biggest challenges they expected to face, current business capacity, and technology adoption across operations.

The Q1 Survey also provided a benchmark to track industry sentiment in future reports, calculating sentiment based on optimism for business growth and hiring potential in the coming months, combined with current views on the economic climate. 

Q1 snapshot: Despite positive attitudes towards the economy and business performance, the logistics industry is not without its challenges. Increasing operating costs were the main challenge faced by most (50%) businesses followed by driver and workforce shortages (42.5%). This was combined with an overall outlook to increase hiring in the coming months (65% of businesses to bring on additional staff over the next six months). 

Download the Q1 report here. 


CartonCloud Logistics Index Report Q1

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