Software integrations to automate your data-entry

Streamline your data-entry to save time and increase accuracy with CartonCloud integrations.
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Software integrations to automate your data-entr
Warehouse management software


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Deanne Luke
My name's Deanne, and I'm the founder of Lexington Logistics. I founded the business 3 years ago, and the reason why I did this was because, there was a gap in the market.

We actually work with a lot of boutique clients. They could be fashion brands, gift, homewares, or lifestyle brands.

From having 3 clients to over 30 clients,  we are an extension to their business. It's something that is really important to us, that we aren't a complete third party — we are part of their integrated process and an extension to their operation.

That's what drives us every single day.

To hand over your brand to a third party is a big thing, and we want to make sure that we can actually uphold their values, their brand messaging, their key themes — to be able to then ship out their product exactly the same way that they would do it in-house.When we do partner with our clients, one of the key features is having this software system, for them to be able to see that yeah we are serious around how we actually function as a business.

We do have a broad spectrum of omnichannel clients, there is a portion that are e-commerce clients — so  they run their stores through software systems like Shopify, or Woo Commerce.

When we onboard a client, the first part of that is to ensure that we have CartonCloud set up,  to make sure that their integration is spot on.

Once we have everything connected, they actually don't need to really touch what we do and how it operates. We're able to integrate our systems together— so it's a complete, autonomous process.

For us to take them on board, and see them flourish and actually start to do 20, 30, up to 100 orders a day — that's actually why we do the work that we do.

We actually provide access for them into the system so it brings them closer together,  they don't feel like they are completely separate from their brand.

So the transparency is there, they are  able to see our stock levels within the warehouse, with the orders that are being placed and processed.

It's simplified our business.

It's... yeah, it's been fantastic so far.

I've seen the retrospect, working with other businesses in implementing different software— they do it so late in the game, you know, and it's such a big catch-up.So, working with the guys at CartonCloud, I was a little client. At the time, I only had probably 3 clients on board. They didn't see that as an issue.

It was just — ok, what can we do to make sure that we set up some really good systems and processes now,  enabling you to bring on clients quicker, and much more effectively in the future.

There are so many different things that a system can provide you that you actually didn't think was possible.

That was such a crucial part in identifying what could we be doing differently or better — but also letting go of the things that we were doing that we may not have been doing as productively.

When you're actually looking for a software system, you have to make sure that it's right for your business.

By having CartonCloud come on board, it's been probably one of the best moves that I could have made, and I don't think we would have won as much business as what we do.

Deanne Luke

Director - Lexington Logistics
“When we onboard a client, the first part of that is to ensure we have CartonCloud set up, to ensure their integration is spot on. Once we have everything connected, [our customers] actually don’t need to touch what we do or how it operates — we’re able to integrate our systems together to a complete, autonomous process.”
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Simplify Your Operations

Simplify Your Operations

We’re all about saving you time, and making life easier. This is why CartonCloud provides seamless integrations to a range of software. Eliminate tedious manual data entry by utilizing our available software integrations out of the box, including one or two-way integrations for accounting, eCommerce, transport and route optimization software — or, use our public API and Zapier connections to create your own integrations.
CartonCloud integrates with over 20 popular business apps, and 1000s more via Zapier.
In addition to out-of-the-box API connectivity, CartonCloud also integrates with applications through XLS, CSV, XML, EDI, and many other types of files via direct Email and FTP/SFTP. We have a dedicated, in-house integrations team who are on-hand to tailor simple integrations, all the way to complex two-way integrations into ERPs such as SAP.

No lock-in contracts, we're a SaaS company

Simplify the complexities of customer charges and invoices, keep your deliveries on time, and make sure everything is accurate. Start experiencing the benefits of electronic data interchange software, along with all the benefits of working with a customer-focused company.

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CartonClouds mission is to improve the quality of lives for our users by automating monotonous tasks and giving you the power to take back control of your life and no more working crazy hours just to get administration tasks complete.

Trust us when we say we've been there done that and it's not ideal to be pushing that hard just to break bread, with CartonClouds warehouse management system you'll never look back.
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Automate Your Data-Entry

Streamline your operations today
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Streamline Operations

Clients can now login online to create orders or they can have their software send through the orders via an EDI to CartonCloud, so you don’t have staff wasting time doing data-entry

Driver Notifications

Being able to notify your drivers on the road without picking up the phone to call them is great, when a con-note gets added to their delivery run they’ll receive a notification via the mobile app.

Urgent Orders

Clients can flag orders as being urgent so your operational staff can have clear visibility of what needs to be done first, this can also be setup in your rates so you don’t miss charging the client for urgent orders.

Individual Rate Cards

Having flexibility with your rates is great, CartonCloud gives you the ability to have either individual rate cards for each client, or you can group clients together and work from a single rate card.

Error Notifications

When issues happen on the road or on the floor CartonCloud can notify your operations manager via the dashboard notifications so they can be proactive in solving the issues.

Reduce admin
overheads by 80%

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Take a simple excel file, map the fields and you're done.

We've made EDI's so simple it's a matter of minutes and you're away. Have your client provide an excel file we can show you how to map the fields to get your data-entry automated.
Take a simple excel file, map the fields and you're done.
Allocate drivers & consignments automatically in seconds.

Allocate drivers & consignments automatically in seconds.

CartonCloud has the ability to have your delivery runs and drivers allocated automatically all based on logic and rules you provide on implementation, it's as simple as that.

Require complex two-way integrations? Check our API.

If you have requirements from a client to provide a two-way complicated integration. We provide an open API that can integrate with large ERP systems like Oracle and have a strong team to support it.
Require complex two-way integrations? Check our API.
Have CartonCloud notify your clients when the EDI fails.

Have CartonCloud notify your clients when the EDI fails.

When clients send through an incorrect file or wrong information, CartonCloud will automatically reply to them with what went wrong & how to remedy it, saving you precious time on customer support.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say About us

"I’ve built a really good relationship with CartonCloud, they really helped us out to establish our warehouse to be that number one warehouse we’ve always wanted it to be, give it a go it’s the best thing you’ll do."
Les Donayre
Commission Storage & Logistics Manager
"Once I talked to Vincent and his team, the support was here in Australia, they were easy to contact. It was just an easy decision for us. We’re in a position now where we’re able to look at different freight routes now."
Adam Booth
Owner - General Manager - Hotham Freight
"Importing of the products is so easy. We had 2 warehouses and I needed to go live in Christchurch and I did that all by myself without any help. That's just how easy it is."
Teressa Grigg
Director - Southern Furniture Movers
"CartonCloud came along and all of sudden it’s so simple, it's just a matter of entering a number and when it's actually giving me a count, I'm going WOW this is unbelievable"
Angelo Iannace
Owner - Iannace Refrigerated Transport
"Customers simply emails their orders, and it's automatically sent through to CartonCloud, which enables our members to use their iPad's to pick the orders"
Tom Colyer
General Manager - APF Cold Storage
"I would say, no doubt, CartonCloud is the absolute best system. Being able to finish like a normal person at 5:00, we've done all the allocating, we've printed all of the paperwork for the next day."
Emily Harris
Owner & Operations - Motus Transport

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