Automated invoicing

CartonCloud literally saves your admin team hours of repetitive work by automating rate calculations and invoicing.
Mobile Barcode Scanning

Invoicing that takes minutes, not hours

Individual rate cards

Easy to create complex rate cards for your clients, from storage fees, minimums, drop rate plus more.

Shared rate cards

Do you have multiple clients on the same rate? Easy. Create one rate card and link as many clients as you'd like.

Charge options

We have a vast amount of industry standard rate charges but everyone is different so you can create your own.

Storage charges

Make sure you don't miss any storage fee's, we can automate storage rates so you don't have to worry.

Minimum periods

Ensures pallets, cartons or whatever that came in and went out in the same period are always charged.

Handling charges

We automatically calculate pick and put-away charges based on quantity and measurement picked.

Group charging

Multiple consignments to the same store on the same day can be automatically grouped to provide discounts.

One-off charges

With easy flexibility you can manually create one-off charges against any transport job for any reason.

Percentage of invoice

Negotiated percentage rates? Easy automatically calculate charges based on percentage of invoice.

Carton rates

CartonCloud was after all built around cartons so have it automatically calculate your carton rates.

Sliding scale

Create and automate carton, pallet, space or any other sliding scale rates to maximise your revenue.

Charge per kilo

Load per-KG rates and automatically calculate charges based on consignment weight.


Automatically charge different rates for transporting frozen, chilled and ambient stock.

Automated billing

Automatically calculate expense rates for on-forwarder charges, drivers pay, contractors and more, it's that simple.

Fuel levy

Load in fuel levy, and per-customer +/- modifiers. Or, create completely custom fuel levy calculators.

Container unloads

Lodge container unloads, whether or not they were hand-unloaded and the charges automatically calculate.

Pallet wrapping

It's easy for staff to record how many pallets were wrapped and the charges calculate automatically.

Pallet rental

Simple to setup and load rates for pallet hire, and have these calculate automatically so you don't miss any income.

Urgent fees

Urgent order management is built-in, customers can request ‘urgent’ orders and additional fees are added automatically.

Flexible dispatch

Only stop charging storage when stock leave the warehouse, ensures you continue to charge after picking.

Backdate arrival

If you missed entering stock at the time it arrived, you can adjust the date it came in and recalculate storage.

Free online support

Local support with expert industry knowledge

Get expert help and local support when you need it. CartonCloud has a large knowledge base with everything you need to know about all our features and tools. You can submit a support ticket, lodge a bug online or give our support line a call for the tricky ones.
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