Powerful features to fine-tune your transport


Electronic proof of deliveries

Real-time proof of deliveries with signature, and photos plus much more all sent instantly when the jobs completed. 

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Barcode scanning

You can have CartonCloud automatically allocate your drivers by scanning the boxes with our driver app. 

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Automated invoices

All the complex rate calculations are done when it comes to invoicing and then pushes to your accounting software. 

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Complex rate cards

We can automate most complicated logic based on events and triggers loaded then have the rates calculate automatically. 

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Consignments can be created automatically from simple EDI's or jobs from the warehouse. 

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Address strings

Multiple names for addresses that are the same location, easy update once and the system remembers. 

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Cash on delivery

Manage which jobs require COD to be collected, and control what happens if the store doesn’t pay.

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Manage your freight across your own vehicles, and your on-forwarder or other carriers. 

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Consignment errors

Instant notification when drivers experience issues, complete with comments and photos. 

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Signature overlay

Powerful Barcode and OCR technology not only make signature overlay on documents possible, but easy. 

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Estimated time of arrival

Have drivers send templated texts about their current estimated time of arrival based on GPS location. 

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Receipt in stock on the fly with an easy-to-use manifest checklist whilst building your runs for delivery. 

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Easily email

Just one click to send error notifications to customers, with pre-populated messages, photos and email addresses.

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Back date

Everyone makes mistakes and we have a simple tool that can undo jobs whilst tracking user history. 

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Driver tracking

Utilising the drivers mobile phone you can see full location history, and reporting on how long between drops. 

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Banking sheets

Don't let cash get lost or missed, create and manage banking sheets based on cash and cheques collected. 

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Export data

All consignment data is easily exportable to excel, giving you total visibility over your data. 

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Group consignments

Automatically group jobs from a customer going to the same store, feeds-through to invoicing as group. 

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Vehicle tracking

Detailed reporting you can see which vehicle is performing which run to easily calculate your revenue per vehicle. 

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Free online support

Local support with expert industry knowledge

Get expert help and local support when you need it. CartonCloud has a large knowledge base with everything you need to know about all our features and tools. You can submit a support ticket, lodge a bug online or give our support line a call for the tricky ones.

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