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Give your business an edge with powerful WMS warehouse management software. With barcode scanning, automated rates and invoicing, picking workflows, inventory reporting, and much more, so you can scale your warehouse with ease.

Seamless warehouse management starts with CartonCloud.

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Barcode scanning

Increase picking accuracy with barcode scanning, update inventory data in real-time, and say goodbye to lost stock. Optimize your warehouse operations with ease.


Automated invoicing

Complete invoicing while you sleep. Automate complex rate card calculations and generate invoicing without manual data input. Save time and eliminate revenue leakage.


Cross Docking

Keep track of short term storage and cross-dock stock with ease. Manage inventory in short term turn arounds with barcode scanning and simple product entry directly into your WMS.

Why choose a cloud-based WMS?

CartonCloud's powerful warehouse management system (WMS) software is top-rated in the United States and by over 500 logistics companies worldwide. 

Our cloud-based Warehouse Management System is designed specifically for small and medium enterprise businesses to automate daily tasks and give you more time in the day. 

Make picking errors a thing of the past, streamline data input with integrations, and save time with automated invoicing and powerful accounting integrations to automate your operation end to end. 

Get flexible pricing plans to suit your business, with simple and fast onboarding, so you can start working smarter sooner.

Beer, wine, cider, we don't do anything else, we don't do general freight. We stick to what we know and we try and offer really great service to our clients. Pound for pound we want to be the best.

There was a period of time where we didn't really have any warehouse system, we're archaic in how we're operating so we still had everything on paper. If those pick tickets don't make it back to the office, you don't charge your client. You're running the risk of not getting all the revenue that you've physically done. The invoicing process was very cumbersome, very labor intensive, and we acknowledge that there was a shortfall in our operation. We had a US based cloud software, which was okay but it wasn't paperless, it was a bit hard to get information. So we did a bit of research and found CartonCloud. I saw Rob at a trade show, he gave me a CartonCloud pen and said, you shouldn't need this. I took it away and I've gone, yeah, that's right.

We started rolling out CartonCloud and fully integrated everyone onto the new system, and the training behind that has been a matter of hours. Within a day they're all over it, know what they're doing. Just from a simple cost perspective we've been able redistribute our staff and what they do in different areas. So we're saving between 40 and 60 hours a week on admin, but we're doing 30 to 50% more work. You got the time and money you've saved there, plus the ability to invoice our clients in a more timely fashion. There's been a huge impact business. People are much happier to come to work knowing that we're running in an efficient way. Our staff are satisfied, our clients are really happy and looking back, I didn't think we've been able to achieve what we've been able to achieve the last 12 months without having the software there. Overall, it's just been a really great implementation from CartonCloud.


We've reduced over 40 hrs a week on admin alone.

Just from a simple cost perspective, we’ve been able to redistribute our staff and what they do in different areas, so we’re saving between 40-60 hours a week on admin but we’re doing 30-50 percent more work.

You’ve got the time and money you save there, but also the ability to invoice our clients in a much more timely fashion.”

Ryan Thomson
Operations Manager - Liquex Logistics

Want to see our powerful software in action?

There's no wonder we're the favorite warehouse management software for growing businesses.

Try it for yourself! Choosing the right WMS software for your warehouse is important, and our customer success is our top priority. That is why we offer a FREE Demo guided tour of our software, in a set-up designed to mimic your operations as a first step. This allows you to explore CartonCloud’s features and powerful warehouse management software with an experienced team member who can show you through each of the features and workflows in our WMS/TMS that will help you.

Our team are logistics people too, and we take the time to get to know your business and operations, to determine the best way to use CartonCloud to achieve your business goals. We’ve helped almost 500 logistics companies worldwide to grow their business, optimize operations, and get more time back in the day — and we'd love to help you too!

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Customer top-rated WMS features

Our intuitive warehouse management system is designed by logistics people, with industry experience and expertise — creating the most user-friendly WMS software for small businesses. We’ve helped customers turn losses to profits, with automated processes and integrations that streamline and simplify even the most complex logistics operations.

Manage all of your day-to-day operations with ease and accuracy, and grow your business. With CartonCloud’s intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based warehouse management software, you can make picking errors a thing of the past, streamline data input with integrations, save time with automated invoicing, and much more. 

Mobile App

Try the CartonCloud mobile app for iOS or Android for FREE from the app store.  Use warehouse barcode scan, wave picking, replenishment, packing, and order fulfillment features from anywhere.

Bluetooth barcode scan & print

Easily scan and print Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Consignment Labels and track stock movement with accuracy and ease.

Simplify complex rate cards

Ensure every charge is captured and accurate, and save time on complex calculations with automated rates and invoicing.

Instant and flexible reporting

With our cloud-based data management, you and your customers can view live stock reports, track product movement, filter by expiry or batch number— and export up to date reporting in an instant.


CartonCloud can handle multiple warehouses across the country and globe, with individual operational stock, orders, and users. Take your warehouse business to the next level with CartonCloud’s powerful WMS.

Large volume ordering

There’s no limit to the number of orders you can do with CartonCloud. Manage periods of peak demand with ease, with optimized storage, replenishment and FIFO/ FEFO options, wave picking, and more.

Temperature Zones

Control your storage with greater accuracy. You can set up rules to define what product can be stored where, which can prevent the user from accidentally allocating stock to the wrong location.

Available in Demo mode

Want to see how our powerful mobile app works? Download the mobile app in Demo mode for FREE on iOS or Android and see for yourself.

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Best WMS for growth.

It has reduced our overhead by as much as 20 percent and massively improved our accuracy, it has been a massive win for us.

We needed 100% picking accuracy, or as close as we could get it, so we needed modern technology, modern software for our warehouse staff to use. CartonCloud has enabled us to take a business that was losing money and actually turned it into a business that's making money, and is self-sufficient, and relatively easy to run.

Bruce Walkley
General Manager - B2C Logistics

We're a 3PL warehousing business our core sectors of food customers.

We do dry goods for supermarkets and other businesses.

We do consumer electronics, we also do quite a bit in the cosmetic sector.

So we specialize in probably 3 to 4 main sectors.

We set out at the start that we want to become a proper 3PL operation.

That was our overall objective.

We started with a fairly well known 3PL software which was US based.

It was generic, it wasn't especially what we wanted.

We also found that dealing with a software vendor not on our normal operating hours wasn't ideal, so the customer service angle wasn't great for us.

At the same time our business was evolving.

So suddenly we had 40 clients and we had supermarkets.

We were basically picking, packing 16 hours a day.

We needed 100% picking accuracy or as close to as we could get it.

So we needed modern technology, modern software for our warehouse staff to use.

So we spent a lot of time looking for products.

And we came across CartonCloud, and it was absolutely the solution in terms of technology and usability for our people in our warehouse that we were looking for.

We used to have people manually inputing sales orders, manually inputing purchase orders and not really being able to keep up.

To be able to have automation, integration with sales orders, electronically, purchase orders, efficiency in picking, we've turned an unprofitable operation into a profitable one.

And we probably had a reduction of four full time equipment in terms of head count.

It's reduced our overhead by as much as 20%, and massively improved our accuracy.

It's been a massive win for us.

What CartonCloud has enabled us to take a business that was losing money and actually turned it into a business that's making money, and is self sufficient, and relatively easy to run.

And we did it and we didn't miss a beat in doing it.

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Software Integrations

Improve customer service and streamline workflows through our powerful data and software integrations. Integrate with your accounting and other daily use software, seamlessly input customer orders from email attachments, and more.


Flexible storage

Optimize your warehouse locations with FIFO (First in/ First Out), FEFO (First Expired, First Out) and other storage planning features out of the box with CartonCloud. Set rules for item picking to ensure accuracy and optimized use of available stock.


Barcode scan

Optimize picking and packing, remove pick errors and increase picking speed. Simply pairing the CartonCloud Mobile app with the scanner or mobile computer of your choice to improve accuracy as you go. 


Wave picking

Pick stock from multiple orders at once with wave picking, making the best use of your warehouse staff’s time and simplifying order fulfilment. Save time on picking and packing, and boost your warehouse capacity with ease.


Integrated WMS/TMS

CartonCloud is a fully integrated warehouse and transport management system, which means you can seamlessly link sales orders and consignment notes, track products through your warehouse and transport, or link seamlessly with other providers also using CartonCloud.


Automated invoicing

Save time and increase accuracy with seamless integrations with accounting software and CartonCloud's automated invoicing. Simply load in your rate cards for each client and once the job is completed, CartonCloud will automatically calculate rates and invoice your client.


Customer reports

View stock reports, stock movement and history with ease. With CartonCloud, your clients can see their product reports in real-time. Allow your customers to filter by batch number, expiry date and more, to keep track of inventory levels and status, whenever they like.


Cross Docking

Cross dock with ease. Track short term storage, assign warehouse location to inventory in your loading dock area for more accurate inventory reporting and ensure you never miss a charge, with automated rates and invoicing.

Warehouse Features
Transport Features

No lock-in contracts, we're a SaaS company

CartonCloud's WMS flexible pricing starts from just $99/month.

Find the best plan for your business, no matter your size — and only pay for the plan you use.

How does it work? Contact our experienced, local team to discuss your company size, freight inventory, your average number of orders or consignments, and what features you’re looking for— and we can build a plan for you. Moreover, our expert onboarding team will provide advice and support throughout the demo to onboarding process, so you can have your WMS up and running in a matter of hours, not months, like some other companies.

Get started with a Free Demo at a time that suits you, and see our powerful software in action. 

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Do more with a combined WMS/TMS

CartonCloud is a fully integrated Warehouse Management System and Transport Management System.

You can use either the WMS or the TMS as stand-alone systems; or use the two systems combined to simplify all areas of your logistics operations. Our integrated WMS/TMS system lets you easily track orders from warehouse to transport, manage rates and invoicing with ease, capture warehouse stock movement, driver tracking, and sign-on delivery — plus much more.

We’re the go-to software for SME warehousing and transport operators because our software is built by logistics professionals, with features designed to streamline your day-to-day operations.

We’re logistics people too, and we’ve worked alongside many logistics companies to create an intuitive and effective warehouse management system designed to business, and give small/ medium businesses the tools they need to compete against major players in the industry.

warehouse manager

Software Integrations

Simplify all aspects of your work with CartonCloud. Eliminate tedious manual data entry by utilizing our available software integrations out of the box, including one or two-way integrations for accounting, eCommerce, transport and route optimization software — or, use our public API and Zapier connections to create your own one-way integrations.

Remove the need for time-consuming manual data entry, with sales orders and purchase orders entered automatically into your system. Simply connect your e-commerce and accounting software to CartonCloud through our powerful software integration and slash your admin time.

CartonCloud integrates with over 20 popular business apps, and 1,000s more via Zapier.

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Stay up to date with industry data and insights

Our goal is to make your job easier — through powerful automation and through giving you the tools you need to take on new business. 

Hear from other 3PL, warehouse, and transport owner/operators in our CartonCloud customer stories, and explore industry data and trends through the CartonCloud Logistics Index Reports


We keep it simple

At CartonCloud our mission is to help you optimize your business, with purpose-built WMS software that lets you do more with less. We’re constantly developing our WMS software so it's easy to use and continues to help you streamline your operations.


And value user feedback

We know having logistics experts design features has huge advantages, which is why we take user feedback seriously. To make giving feedback easy for you, we’ve built an ideas portal online, where you can submit ideas on how we can improve the user experience or build additional features.