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Meet and exceed last-mile delivery demand with CartonCloud. Optimize delivery routes, capture ePODs with sign-on glass, elevate customer service with driver ETA texts, and save 50-80% on admin hours with automated data entry.

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Easy to use Transport Management Software

We’ve taken care of the software to simplify your operations, so you can focus on growing your business.

CartonCloud has helped over 350 logistics businesses to take their business online, reducing overheads, slashing admin time, increasing efficiency and maximising the capacity of their fleet with optimised workflows.

Say goodbye to timely paper-based processes and manual data entry. Optimise driver routes, streamline deliveries with electronic Proof of Delivery (ePODs), automate invoicing, increase customer service, and more. With simple onboarding and set-up, it’s easy to keep your business moving with CartonCloud.

Maximise visibility over driver workloads, optimise routes, record ePODs with sign on glass and slash admin hours.

Paperless management software to grow your business

Automated allocations

Automated allocations

Allocating driver delivery runs has never been easier. With your delivery runs and postcodes set in CartonCloud, the system will automatically build delivery runs from consignments so you can allocate to a suitable driver.

Quicker deliveries

Quicker deliveries

Increase daily deliveries and delight your customers with optimized driver routes, electronic proof of deliveries, driver ETA texts and editable consignment notes to keep your drivers moving.

Software integrations

Software integrations

Manage on-forwarding, cross-docking, B2B and B2C operations from the one place, with seamless software integrations with ordering, accounting, optimization software and more, designed for logistics companies.

Easy to use Transport Management Software

CartonCloud has helped over 450 logistics businesses to reduce overheads, slash admin time, increase efficiency and build the capacity of their fleet with optimized workflows. We’ve designed our software to simplify the day to day logistics operations, giving you more hours in the day and letting you do more with the resources you have.

Feel like you're too busy to change systems?

Don’t worry. Our software is easy to use and simple to set up. Our team of experts will help you each step of the way, to get your and your team online in no time, so you can start saving time and money sooner.

Emily Harris:

We started out with a dream of just providing transport to small craft breweries. There was no provider in our industry for the smaller, little guy. It was only, you know, I only wanna see you if you've got 50 pallet loads and a million consignments a week. I think, for us, we just wanna become the best in the industry.


So, before we had CartonCloud, I was doing everything manually. All day long, it was all night long. It was on the weekends. I couldn't go out for dinner. I couldn't go out with friends. I couldn't watch TV because I would be sitting at the desk, filing things, routing things. I literally worked one night til 1:00 a.m. doing it. I just said, "I can't keep doing this." I said, "We have to find a solution." One of our customers said to me, "Oh, you should check out CartonCloud. "We use it for S.A. "It's a really good program."


So then we got on board with using it. And it's just been a really amazing journey. I would say absolutely no doubt CartonCloud is the absolute best system. Being able to finish like a normal person at 5:00. We've done all the allocating. We've printed all the paperwork for the next day. It's just, you can't really put a price on it. Until you lose that part of your life, and then suddenly get it back, you really don't appreciate just being able to go out for dinner and not have to think, I have to go home because I have to go home and do all the allocating and filing of paperwork.


It saves on costs. It saves on having to employ more staff. Because if I didn't have this program, I would have to have probably two admin people with me because there's no way that I'd be able to do the volume of work that we do with the program. It also really would prevent our business from being able to grow. Like, Andy would ring in a sale, or the customer might wanna join us and I'd say, "No, I can't, please I can't take any more work." Whereas now, I'm like, "Sure!" I don't even notice.


The kids, they're much happier because I'm much more present so it's really really changed our lives. It's made us much happier. My husband comes home and everyone's finished work for the day. It's given us the ability to get as big as we possibly can. For me, it's a no-brainer.


"I would say, no doubt, CartonCloud is the absolute best system. Being able to finish like a normal person at 5:00, we've done all the allocating, we've printed all of the paperwork for the next day.

It saves on costs. It saves on having to employ more staff. Because if I didn't have this program, I would have to have probably two admin people with me because there's no way that I'd be able to do the volume of work that we do with the program."

Emily Harris
Owner & Operator - Motus Transport

Logistics software, created by logistics people

We understand the challenges of the trucking and freight transport industry because we've been there. CartonCloud’s intuitive software is created by logistics people, for logistics people — which means you can count on optimized workflows, agile support, and features that make your life easier.

CartonCloud’s paperless Transport Management System (TMS) gives you cloud-based data access for your team and customers, for greater flexibility, faster turnaround, and stress-free reporting. Fill out the form below to arrange a free demo with our team at a time that suits you!

Powerful features in the palm of your hand

Keep your fleet moving with CartonCloud.

Route Optimization

Our easy to use mobile app makes route planning so simple! Drivers can view and edit consignments on the go, receive push notifications for any changes that come in, and use the in-app map navigation to navigate to each delivery address.

Allocate consignments automatically

Consignments can be automatically created through integrations that pull data from an email attachment or another software platform, and CartonCloud will automatically and seamlessly build your delivery runs and allocate to drivers in the correct zone or truck.

Sign-on glass and ePODS

Simplify deliveries and get paid faster with sign-on glass and electronic proof of delivery (ePODs). Drivers can send an ETA text to customers ahead of their delivery, record their signature on the electronic proof of delivery in seconds and the ePOD will automatically be sent through for invoicing.

Images and drivers notes

Drivers can also add notes and images to their ePODs, showing delivery conditions, adding any damage details or other information and it will be sent with the ePOD.

Mobile App push notifications

Once you've allocated their consignments, drivers can receive push notifications through the mobile app to alert them of any amends or other important information.

Simple accounting

CartonCloud automates rate card calculations and invoicing. With accounting software integrations, you can seamlessly send data between Quickbooks, Xero and other software.

Available in Demo mode

Want to see how our powerful mobile app works? Download the mobile app in Demo mode for FREE on iOS or Android and see for yourself.

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Get more hours in the day

Get more hours in the day

Say goodbye to timely paper-based processes and manual data entry. Optimize driver routes, streamline deliveries with electronic Proof of Delivery (ePODs), automate invoicing, increase customer service, track freight and more.

You can maximize visibility over driver workloads, optimize routes for more efficient delivery runs, record ePODs with sign-on glass and literally slash admin hours — and with simple onboarding and set-up, it’s easy to keep your business moving with CartonCloud.

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Integrate seamlessly with existing software

With CartonCloud, you can seamlessly link your warehouse and transport operations, from one log in — to your existing accounting, online ordering or route optimization software.

We offer a range of available software integrations out of the box, including one or two-way integrations for accounting, eCommerce, transport and route optimization software — as well as our public API and Zapier connections to create your own one-way integrations.

Save time on tedious data entry and increase your accuracy, with sales orders and purchase orders entered automatically into your system from their online ordering platforms or from email attachments.

CartonCloud integrates with over 20 popular business apps, and 1,000s more via Zapier.

Integrate seamlessly with existing software
Intuit Quickbooks
Dear Inventory

Complex freight transport made simple

Simple setup and onboarding

Simple setup and onboarding

We provide simple set-up and onboarding support from people who actually understand the industry, you can have your customers and team logged on in no time.

Simplify complex rate cards

Simplify complex rate cards

Now, you can quite literally calculate complex rate cards in your sleep. CartonCloud will automatically calculate your quotes and invoices to ensure you never miss a charge, linking seamlessly with your accounting software.

Tracking visibility

Tracking visibility

With electronic proof of delivery, automated invoicing and driver tracking, you can keep eyes on your operations at all times. Access data whenever you need, and allow customers to view track consignments through the customer login.

Electronic Proof of Deliveries

Electronic Proof of Deliveries

Make lost POD's thing of the past, with our electronic proof of delivery feature. Drivers can record waiting times, document damaged stock with images, temperatures and much more, and email their ePOD as soon as the delivery is made.

What are you waiting for? Let us know. We will see how we can help you onboard sooner, and get your operations optimized for success.

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CartonCloud’s easy to use integrations handle the data entry for you. Automate data entry directly from emails through EDI or API software, from ordering software like Shopify, or directly from your WMS.

Fuel levy

Fuel levy

Never miss a charge. Capture fuel levy charges automatically, or load in fuel levy rates your way, with customised fuel levy calculators.

Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning

With the CartonCloud TMS Driver App you can automatically allocate consignments to drivers, optimise routes with map view, and allow drivers to update consignments on the go.



Cross-docking made easy. Receive stock on the fly with an easy-to-use manifest checklist, scan label barcodes to record inventory in the cross-dock area, whilst building your runs for delivery.

Address strings

Address strings

Keep your address book up to date. Update multiple names for addresses in the same location once with Address Strings and the system remembers for next time.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Give your drivers the tools they need to maximise deliveries, record all PODs and improve customer service. The CartonCloud driver app provides features to keep your trucks moving.

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Turn your feedback into new features

Turn your feedback into new features 

We take user feedback seriously. We know having logistics experts design features has huge advantages. This is why our ideas portal is open to all CartonCloud customers, to submit ideas on how we can continue to improve the user experience or build additional features.

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