Our main role we try to provide to our clients is, we provide an end-to-end solution, so we take over from the suppliers. Customs clear it, import it in, bring it into our 3PL managed warehouses and then distribute it to their customers. Whether that's local or export, we can do all of that.

Yeah, generally on a day-to-day basis, we'll receive all our orders from our customers saying where they'd like it to go, what quantity, what batch. So in all of our warehouses, they're strictly batch controlled. We'll receive up to 20 to 30 POs a day, coming out of particular warehouses. Then we need to fulfil those orders, which we liaise with our 3PL partners and then we arrange a transport from there accordingly.

The standard way we'd process an order from our customer is they'd email it to us. We'd print that email out and then we'd go into our system, manually key that in. With our existing system, there was that many fields that we needed to key in. You could take up to five minutes just to complete one order. If we're doing up to 20-30 orders for a customer a day sometimes, maybe even more a week, it became quite time consuming.

From there on, it's all manual. We go back to our customer and say, "Yeah, this delivery is ready to go." We'll take it out of our inventory, which at the time was running off Microsoft Excel. We found that through Carton Cloud when our productivity improved, we were able to delegate a lot of the work to our 3PLs who are physically doing the work. We sort of sat in a management position where we were monitoring what was going on.

We also found that all the manual data entry requirements were reduced. There are points where we do need to manually key data into the system, but we've probably cut that down by about 75%. In our existing system, we were running our billing sheets of Excel, so we had set templates with Microsoft formulas and our rates keyed in there. It was just, you put in one number here, it's going to calculate this.

We were doing that for every account, so when we brought on CartonCloud we found that it automatically calculates as you go, which greatly improved our productivity in our invoicing segment, because we didn't have to go into the excel and key in every job. We knew that CartonCloud in the background was running the invoice, generating and calculating the charges and then we'd run the invoice on a Monday morning, hit the green button, make sure it looks okay with our KPIs and then we're able to provide that invoice straight over to our accounts team to have our clients and our third-parties paid out a lot faster, which meant an improved and a faster cash flow for all parties involved, which is really good.


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