Everyday is different. Green Life is always changing with every season. You walk in the door, you never know how much stock you need to move, 

what you're going to need to move, and where you need to move it. 

Having the customer go, "Thank you so much for moving this from here to here." I love it.

Simon: Rangeview. We are a transport company, we transport horticultural products across Australia. That's predominantly plants, trees, seedlings, soil at times. We've got trucks running 24/7. Our mission is to be the number one horticultural transport company in Australia. What drives me is having the opportunity to be part of the change and the challenges in terms of getting our procedures and processes right. It was a paper based system where there was a lot of handling of the paper invoices, which was fraught with things can information getting lost. CartonCloud's come along and simplified that.

Harrison: Moving to Cartoncloud, you don't have to be in front of a printer to print out your consignments. The customer can call up and you can log in anywhere.

Simon: They're updated pretty much real time, I know what's happening. Don't have to deal with paper and there's no misinterpretation of information via an email or via a telephone conversation. They can do their own self-service anytime they want. They can just go online and do all that stuff. So that minimises our administration of that system, saves them time, saves us time. Our drivers, they know how to do the job, but they're not always tech savvy. The application is simple and easy to use. This information that will consolidate in one place, so that's really awesome.

Harrison: You can go straight to a delivery run page, scroll down and see exactly what you need to get done for the day. That is so helpful for me and coordinating the additional work that we do. I don't have to look at a whole bunch of notes scribbled all over the bench, it's all right there. Every year we get a new truck and keep going up from there, so it's exciting to watch it grow and being able to facilitate that is an amazing experience for me personally.

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