Inside Rockstar’s Las Vegas 3PL Warehouse

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Jess Saxton
Jess Saxton

Step inside the Rockstar 3PL warehouse. Located in Las Vegas, in the heart of Nevada, Rockstar 3PL provides high-quality, flexible 3PL storage, pick, pack, and distribution to Las Vegas clients.  

In the heart of the Nevada desert lies one of the most notorious cities in the world. Synonymous with stars, opportunity, and endless possibilities. 🚚 🏰

The Las Vegas desert oasis is a logistics hub to over 60 million people, fed by three major transport corridors (Interstate 15, U.S. Highway 95, and U.S. Highway 93), and an international airport that handles over 600,000 pounds of arriving/departing cargo each day.

Over the past six months alone, Las Vegas has hosted Formula 1, the NFL Superbowl, countless other renowned entertainers, and world-class shows. Not to mention the daily needs of 5-star restaurants, events, and the general needs of a thriving city… all catered for and hosted in this glittering city in the middle of the desert.

Pulling back the curtain, we step behind the scenes and inside the Rockstar 3PL warehouse, one of the businesses keeping the city of dreams moving.

“We service two sectors of the hospitality industry here in Las Vegas; hospitality and the nightlife side,” — Jimmy Skodras, Vice President of Operations and Logistics at Rockstar 3PL.

“Dry goods, custom goods, manufactured goods, and we handle a lot of the transportation and production of beautiful set pieces that you see at all the fabulous events that they put on throughout the year, as well as e-commerce, and creation of some custom goods here on-site. Being a one-stop shop is very rare in any industry. We've mastered that and continue to fine-tune that along the way.”

Known for their exceptional customer service, can-do attitude, and ability to rise to any occasion, Rockstar needed a system with easy-to-use integrations and the flexibility to cater to their unique services. They needed a system that would allow them to give the best service to their customers and scale operations — while managing the chaos of life in Las Vegas. 🎢

😀 A 3PL WMS that just works!

“We were very excited when we found out that CartonCloud WMS had an app,” said Mr Skodras.

After finding CartonCloud, Mr Skodras and the Rockstar team dove deep into the technical functionality of the software. They knew what they needed and what they wanted — and they’d been burned by other systems in the past.

“We were using a WMS system that just was not with the times,” Mr Skodras explained.

“It was very antiquated and we were looking for another solution, something that was cloud-based, something that would eliminate paperwork overall. You're always going to have concerns because of the previous nightmare situations you deal with… but figuring out how simple CartonCloud was to use, it was such a breath of fresh air to actually just feel that we finally found a program that worked for us.”

Rockstar is a fast-paced 3PL warehouse and requires an end-to-end cloud-based system and mobile app in order to ensure all data is accurately captured and managed without time-consuming manual data entry.

“The app was very beneficial to the whole process here in terms of putting things away, putting pallets away in their locations, all the way from picking orders to moving items on those orders or wave picking as well,” Mr Skodras said.

“The system is very simple to use. It's very well thought out, and anybody who's been in warehousing or has been involved with warehousing in their careers will totally see the benefits of having CartonCloud.”

📲 Streamlining 3PL processes

“Stock comes in and we create a purchase order for an item. Once that purchase order is created, we enter it into the system and we separate it based on how many pallets it involves,” Mr Skodras explained.

“Once we have those pallets, we print a label, a scannable label that has all the information that we just input on the initial purchase order and once that's in place, we allocate those two locations. We use a handheld scanner to scan the barcode on the pallet and whoever's putting it away just goes to the location and marries it to that location. It's that simple. 🙋

“It has saved us so much time and it's helped streamline the process of just creating a very positive workflow and a seamless workflow within our warehouse.”

📦 Inventory management and multiple SKUs

“The other part of it was the ease of creating new products—” Mr Skodras said, of CartonCloud’s 3PL WMS app.

“Creating new SKUs, being able to change those products on the fly because other systems had multiple steps that were needed in order to do just minor things like changing the name of a SKU.”

In the past, with other programs, the team would run into a range of trickle-down effect issues caused by the inflexibility of other systems. For the Rockstar 3PL team, the flexibility and usability offered by CartonCloud has ensured accuracy across all steps of their process.

🤗 The power of local, expert support

One of the most important factors in their decision to choose CartonCloud’s 3PL WMS software was the customer service and expertise of the CartonCloud team.

CartonCloud is created by logistics people, designed by people with real-world industry experience, and tailored to the daily needs of logistics people.

“The implementation process with CartonCloud was very seamless,” he said.

“The fabulous people at Carton Cloud were just very hands-on with helping us understand the program first and then marrying it to our specific needs under the Rockstar 3PL.

📈 Are you ready to set your 3PL up for growth?

You can see our powerful Warehouse Management System and Transport Management System in action and explore our range of features designed to automate your data and simplify your operations, letting you do more with less. Contact our team to book your FREE Demo tour and see how CartonCloud can revolutionize your operations. 👇

Jess Saxton
Jess Saxton
CartonCloud Marketing Manager, Jess works closely with daily users and customers to understand the key topics and trends impacting the logistics industry — drawing on expert knowledge from across the CartonCloud team to deliver solutions, tips, and tricks for smarter, more efficient warehousing and freight management.
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Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today