I love the challenge and the bigger the challenge is the better it is. For every problem, there's always solution. My team, it's the key success for this business they stick with me for a long time.

And they've been with us through good and bad. Efficiencies is the most important thing. Everything runs smoother. We delivering food to independent grocery stores in the Metro area.

We use to be here all day, double checking, triple checking, how many cartons we deliver for this delivery. And then Sunday used to be half a day doing admin. And we always wanted to find some solution, some software that it can make our life easier.

CartonCloud came to our attention but it was way too expensive for us. We couldn't afford it. We were searching for other software. It was they're cheaper but it wasn't the right thing for us.

We said, "No, that's it. We have to start using the system." Literally we saving a minimum of three times. What we find out in CartonCloud. It runs your business internally from invoicing, allocations, picking, packing. It does everything for you, the system.

The more you use it, the more you save. Simple as that. My knowledge of computer, it's basically lacking. With CartonCloud, I can do it.

It gives you accuracy of every single customer, how much money will bring in for every single driver. The return it's, a replacing a minimum of two office staff.

It's amazing software that make the life easier and improve our business. To have free Saturday and Sunday, to do whatever you want to do with the family. It's just priceless.

CartonCloud. It's actually given our lives back.

Transcribed from video 


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