When I started Emmjay, my goal was to grow the business, grow it to a point where I can sell it and retire at 50. When we were running the inventory through Microsoft Excel, we had no history, we had no data, everything was manuals. It was okay when the business was small, but as it grew, it just became too time consuming. I did a lot research to the providers of WMS software and some of them were talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, which for a small business is just not viable to spend that kind of money.

My experience with CartonCloud is it's a very affordable solution for small business owners. The benefit of CartonCloud is it has the transport system that works with the warehouse system. It cuts down some of the communication between the warehouse manager and the customers because in the past, if they wanted to know something, they would ring or email the warehouse manager. Now, they're able to log onto CartonCloud and seeing if a purchase order is being entered and finalized or if a sale order has been dispatched. It also gives them more visibility as well. They can run run their own stock report, so they have visibility of their stock. They're not ringing the warehouse to ask if this is in stock. They can just log on and find that information themselves.

With the development of CartonCloud and their internal development, we're having to run more and more reports and get more data out and then be more transparent to the warehouse staff that can help improve their performance as well. The value of CartonCloud is they're continually working with updates and improving their software all the time.


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