Relationships are everything in business, and having the chance to meet Teressa and her team at Southern Furniture Movers was a truly awesome experience.

I'll never forget the first time we heard from Teressa. Rob, our CMO, came running into my office: "Dude! There's a company down in Dunners using iCOS and want to plug in our Warehouse Management System" (being Kiwis we're always excited when we get calls from NZ). His eyes were all lit up: "They're going gangbusters, expanding all over the country, they move and store furniture, started in Dunedin and now they're running a big warehouse in Auckland, the owner, Teressa is super cool - she knows exactly what she wants!"


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I don't get excited that often (... just ask our staff), but I remember jumping on a joint call with Teressa and Rob to answer a few of her trickier queries and being blown away by her story of starting the business (I won't give anything away, watch the video!!), and I was excited. I could tell that her business was going places, and I really wanted CartonCloud to be a part of that journey.

When a member of our Onboarding team jumps onto the first scheduled training call with a client, and finds products loaded, customers loaded, a couple of purchase orders, a rate card and 10+ user accounts created, we smile. We smile because we know we're working with someone who has a whole lot of drive to just get things done.

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Teressa had been able to get her business up and running in three warehouses simultaneously. She got stuck in, read the knowledge base, watched the videos, asked a few queries here and there, and then just went for it on importing all her stocks, and she did a great job.

Huge thanks to you Teressa, and your team, it was bloody awesome coming down to Dunedin to meet you all, hear your amazing story, and see just how far you've come in such a short time, we wish you all the very best. :)


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