Ryan Clarke:
I've never worked in a place like this before. It's an amazing family culture and the opportunity it offers is enormous.

Jay Dalton: It started in Sydney on the Northern beaches. A brother and sister came up with an idea and got an opportunity to do mobile cool rooms and then ran with it.

Our objective it to be the best in the industry and provide that top of the line in house logistics solution that's fully accountable, fully traceable because we do have four different tenancies between here and Sydney and Melbourne and Perth. We wanted something visible that could deal with our needs on a national level.

We went down the path of trying to make our own end to end solution. It's a lot of investment, it's a lot of time to go a backwards step and create something that's just not worth it.

CartonCloud came and we saw a solution that could really help us in that space.

Ryan Clarke: When I was coming in, it was all paper and being able to show the customer real time stock reports, not having that lag in between PODs coming through, everything's there and it removes all of the admin process.

Jay Dalton: Adds to your product, it adds another factor that you can use in a sales pitch. It really gives you a good competitive advantage. Sales leads come through the door, particularly because we have CartonCloud and we use CartonCloud to great effect.

Ryan Clarke: We have four different entities on CartonCloud now. It's invaluable. You can't get it anywhere else. Just the way that it's opened up, the scalability of the business...

Jay Dalton: We've almost doubled in size Chill Queensland. The business as a whole grew 47% last year. We're expanding our footprint, we're expanding our square meters, we're expanding our fleet, expanding into those regional areas. Some of the opportunities that are there are really exciting and CartonCloud is a good system that can go with us.


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