Krishna kumar Natarajan and Thomas Harris from DHL eCommerce Vietnam explain how they're using CartonCloud.

Krishna N: Deliveries in the markets in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam, are really different from how it happens in the western countries. For example, majority of our delivery network within the metro cities are actually done using motorbikes and sometimes even on foot, some places where there's not even a proper road access, we make sure we do whatever it takes to make sure the product gets delivered on time.

Krishna N: We had this amazing and unique opportunity in Vietnam, where for one of anchor customers we had a chance to offer them an end to end eCommerce logistics solution, and the only missing part was a fulfilment product that can be deployed in a matter of weeks.

Thomas Harris: Within the domestic market within Vietnam, we can normally use a manual work around. We can use excel or something like that, but in reality we needed someone to come in to provide us a service and provide us a backbone to ensure that we can provide our customer with the best service and the best fulfilment product that you can find in Vietnam.

Krishna N: So it was important we work with a company that gives us products that are more agile, that lives on the cloud, that can scale up really quickly, because time to market is extremely important in the markets in Southeast Asia.

Krishna N: That's where we found CartonCloud.

Thomas Harris: And within a matter of literally four weeks, we've got the whole operations and the system up and running and we've built what we see behind us right now.

Krishna N: We have about 25-30000 products in the catalog, tens of thousands of products in stock and we are just about crossing 10000 orders in the first couple of weeks that we have shipped out. Having a product like CartonCloud actually allows us to deploy our fulfilment product faster across these markets, and allow the eCommerce merchants to expand their business beyond their home countries.

Krishna N: We are really proud of what we have accomplished here, so far it has worked really well and we're really looking forward to see how the product continues to scale and how we can take it to more places.

Thomas Harris: For eCommerce fulfilment in Vietnam, the future looks amazing because what we offer right now we can then escalate throughout the whole entire country. So from location to location, from customer to customer, we can ensure that we offer the same service to them, which means that they can concentrate on their business and we concentrate on logistics.


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