Vincent, our CEO, is onsite at on-demand warehousing and order fulfilment service Collective Logistics on the Gold Coast and shows you just how efficient and fast wave picking is using CartonCloud.

Video Transcription.

“We’re here at Collective Logistics and I just want to show you guys the wave pick process. We’ve already created a couple of waves, we’ve created one for myself, and one for Jimmy, so we're going to see who can pick these orders the quickest. It’s going to be a bit of a race. So, what’s really neat about here is that as the picking process is going along you can see how far through each of your pickers are with what they’re packing inside their wave.

“I’m going to take on the Vincent one, and you're taking on Jimmy. Okay, let’s do it. I bring this up and start my order… So, I’m going to my first one. A040304, Okay I’ve got to move quickly now - Aurora Midnight Black (item colour), right - got it, got the first one.  Next, A010107 (Pixie White). Got that one. Finally A040306 - got it, that’s my first order done. 

“Right, it comes straight out with an eparcel label, and on we go. Pack them nicely, put in a customer thank you note. Cool. Now, with those orders completed, you can actually see on the CartonCloud system how far through we are. I’m not doing as well (at 30%) and behind Jimmy from Collective Logistics.”

Just another one of Vincent’s onsite Tips.

To learn more about Wave Picking using CartonCloud visit our Knowledge Base article here


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