Vincent, our CEO, is onsite with one of our high-volume refrigerated courier companies, Way To Go Refrigerated Couriers, to run you through a great tip on how the Consignment Order Optimisation function works in the CartonCloud web and mobile app. 

To learn more about CartonCloud's Consignment Order Optimisation functionality visit our Knowledge Base article here

Video Transcription.

Hey, it's Vincent Fletcher here from CartonCloud and I'm on site with Way2Go Refrigerated in Perth. I've got Brian with me and what we're going to show you today is a feature that not a lot of people actually know about but that's; that you can optimise your consignment order using the web app, and this is really useful if you want to plan out the exact order in which your drivers are going to do their deliveries. 

The system can help you to do that and then that's the order in which it will appear on our phone. So what Brian's going to run you through now, is we've created a run sheet for a particular driver, and what we're actually going to do is, we're going to take that run sheet and we're going to allocate it to a driver, then we're going to go through and actually optimise the order of that. So we're going to run through that process. 

From the run sheet, where you click is you actually click on the driver's name, and we do that because sometimes you can have drivers with multiple run sheets allocated to them at the same time. They might be doing both a south area and an east area in the same time. So you click onto the driver's name, that brings you into the driver's screen, and from here there's actually an optimised map tab. So if you click on that it brings up all the jobs which are allocated to that driver on the particular day that you've got selected. So if you want to just drop it down to today's days you can do that as well.

So we've just filtered the list of jobs, and we can now see them all overlaid on the map so we can see that he's got six different places that he's going to. He may have a number of consignments going to each of those you can see that a couple of these are grouped consignments so they might contain stock from multiple customers, but from here it's actually really straightforward. So what you can do is; using the optimisation tool you can select 'I want to start at this particular drop point' so that I want that to be my first delivery, and then if you want to you can also select 'Where do I want my last delivery to be'. 

So in this case he selected Saint David's as his first one, and Chocolate Espresso as his last delivery. He can then go in there click optimise consignments; and what it does is it figures out what's the optimum path i can use to get between those points doing all these jobs. So it goes away and does that it brings, it back in an ordered list.

Now, that's the order that would be provided on the run sheet and also straight onto the driver's phone. So super useful, you can use this for any numbers of jobs. If you've got 50 consignments on a particular driver you can come in here, use the optimisation button, and it just saves so much time. 

Just another one of Vincent's Onsite Tips.


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