Vincent, our CEO, is onsite with one of our sensitive and high-value freight companies, Macknsons Transport, to run you through a great tip on how the Serial Number functionality works in the CartonCloud web and mobile app. 

To learn more about CartonCloud's Serial Number functionality visit our Knowledge Base article here

Video Transcription:

Hey guys, Vincent here from CartonCloud. I'm over in Perth with one of our clients Macknsons. Now these guys are based in Perth, but they do deliveries all over Western Australia, they go three and a half thousand kms north to deliver to remote areas where they're doing mining and things like that.


I just wanted to show you something these guys do a lot of serialised products, things like fridges, and other large electrical equipment, which all comes with serial numbers, we've recently implemented an improvement into the way that our mobile app works. So that you can turn on an option in the Settings which says I want to make this serial number verifiable. When you're scanning, it then forces you to ensure that you're picking the correct serial number.


So I'll just show you on the mobile app, I've got an order here for one of their clients. And it's actually going to be one of these fridge devices, which is going out. Now, they all look exactly the same. They all have different serial numbers. And what we've done is we've actually inserted the serial number into the barcode. So it makes it easy for the guys to scan verify the serial number when they're picking. So I'm going to bring up this order on the on the device here. And I've got the order up on the screen. So I'm going to start picking it.


Now when I tap into this particular product. So I tap into the item and it comes up, the very first thing that it asks me to do is to scan the serial number. So if I come along here, and I scan the wrong serial number, it brings it up incorrect barcode, I can't do that. So it's not this one. The correct one is actually over here. I need to scan this particular item. It straightaway says that the product is verified. And I can then go in and say yep, that's good.


If I want to, I can scan the quantity again to bring up the quantity and basically close off the order and finished packing. So we've just done that to make sure that when you've got serialised product, you're definitely picking the correct one.

Just another one of Vincent's Onsite Tips.


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