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Hi All, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips

I wanted to talk today about charge subclasses. Now, a charge subclass is when we go in and we create an ad hoc charge, it will also create a charge subclass. And there's a few, tricky little things we can sort of do in here. And just let me show you what I mean.

If I go up into the search for anything and I type in "ad hoc charge." And I can come to the ad hoc charges. If I was to go in and add in a new charge, you can see here that it actually asks me about the charge subclass. "Do you want to create one with the same name?" And that's generally what we do. Of course we'd come on down and we'd hit save.

Now, if I actually come up into the search for anything and I type in "charge subclasses," we can actually see all the different subclasses for, for instance, sales orders here. We've got things like sales order labelling fee, the miscellaneous sku charge, which is actually already in the system when you get it. But then there's other ones, which we can come in and we can add in ourselves.

What I'm going to do is, is we're going to have a look at, say for instance a blanket applied wrapping. If I was to come in here, and this might be for a sales order going out, and it might be for furniture wrappers or things like that. And of course, so they actually have to wrap it. If I was to come in here, you can actually see that underneath there's a tick box here, which says "count towards minimum charge." Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to right click and duplicate my page here, and I'm just going to come over to my customer charges.

So, the more button, into customer charges, and I'm going to go to Bob's Groceries. And what we can actually see here, so this is the bones of the customer charge. And what you can see is, in under the sales order charges, I've actually got a sales order minimum charge of $15. Now, what this might mean is we might have a minimum, which is just for our handling charge. I might say that on top of this sales order minimum charge, I don't want my blanket wrapping to actually be applied to that minimum charge, because the blanket wrap may be $5 per item.

Well, if we're doing all of our pickings, I'm going to say that I want my sales order minimum to just look after the handling of the goods. And then it might be that I want stretch wrap on top. I want labelling on top and I want blanket wrapping on top. What we can actually do is, we can un-tick "this counts towards minimum charge," and I can hit save here.

Then what's going to happen is if I do a sales order and I add on a blanket charge, it's actually going to add that blanket charge on top of my minimum of 15. So it's a good way to make sure that ... Stretch wrap costs us money, the supplying of plain pallets costs us money, we may want to make sure that those things don't count towards our minimum charge.

Now, when you're looking after your customer and you're saying, "Okay, I'm going to move this carton out for a very cheap rate, because normally they do a hundred cartons at a time or they do pallets at a time," and then you get caught with a sales order where they're moving one carton and you're going to get 60 cents for it.

So of course you turn around and you say, "Right, okay. I want my sales order minimum." And then you can make sure that you get all of your other bits and pieces on top.

That's quite a handy little tip there. Charge subclass. And so, the charge subclass is linked to the ad hoc charge. And if you just want to go in and have a look, you can go into the search for anything. Type in "charge subclass," come along here, and you can just go into any of these ones and have a look and see exactly what it is and see if it actually does count towards your minimum. And if you don't have a minimum, maybe it's something you need to think about, you know?

Just another one of Tony's Tips.

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