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Hello, Tony here from CartonCloud with another one of Tony's tips. Some things we see on a regular basis is charge errors on invoices for storage periods. And generally there's a few really easy things which people can go wrong with.

Now it could mean that, for instance, somebody has come along and entered a new product and instead of putting in, as usually you do, per location, they've put in per pallet based on quantity. Or depending on whatever it is, it might be the other way around where you usually do it per pallet based on quantity and somebody puts it in as per location.

But let me show you what I mean. So if was in CartonCloud and I went to the more tab and then down into invoices, so here's an invoice I have for Coast Coffee Roasters, and we can see that there's a charge error on it. When I open up the invoice, I can see the charge error is based because of the storage period. And I can click on into the storage period, and if I view this storage period and go to the charges tab, I can see here that it's telling me that there is no general per pallet quantity rates loaded.

So what I can then do is I can open up this rate card, go into the storage charges and you can see here, I only have per location. So I'm going to add a storage charge and it's going to be per pallet based on quantity. And then I'm going to put it in as $2.50. Now, depending on what your workflow is here, it just depends on what you would actually do. Now, I know because I've set this up, that this isn't actually going to clear my charge error, and I'm just going to show you why.

So I'm going to come back down into my invoices again. I'm going to go into the storage period, click into the storage period. I click select and then I recalculate and select okay. Now what I wanted to show you was a different charge error. So you can see I still have a charge error here. If I open up view and go to the charges, now I have a different error and it's telling me that there is no oversize unit defined. So because I had the product put in there as per pallet based on quantity, I know that I actually don't have the conversion of what a full pallet is for this one product. So what I can then do is I can scroll up the top, go warehouse, into my products, and I'm going to grab coffee roasters, and I'm going to export the spreadsheet and it will be available up here in the downloads.

So if I grab that file there and I have a look at the file, now here's the products list for coffee roasters. And you can see here that I have one product which is different than all the other products. And if I actually scroll over to the right-hand side into the coloured section, now the coloured section is where we put in our conversions. So we can see here that we have a unit is the base unit of measure. And then there's pallet conversions on these other products, but not on this one product which I've put in there as per pallet based on quantity.

So what I could then do, if I don't want to be messing around too much with the spreadsheet, I can actually just go straight back into CartonCloud and I can search for that product. And I pull up that product and I can hit edit, and I can scroll on down and I can change it per location, scroll down the bottom, hit save. And then if I was to go back into my invoice, into the invoice, click on storage period, hit recalculate. And I know now that I'm not going to have any issues with my storage.

Now, if I wanted to, and there was quite a few of them in there, quite a few errors in here, I could actually fix up this spreadsheet so I could come along here and I could actually just make sure that everything was in here as per location. I could also go back to where I was and I could put in my pallet conversion in here if I wanted to. And then all I need to do is go back into CartonCloud, save that file, warehouse, products, go into the more tab and import the products and choose that file and it would upload. But there's a couple of really simple little things you can do there. You can go in, you can export your products and compare apples for apples and make sure that you know exactly what it is there. Cheers.

Just another one of Tony's Tips.

To learn more about troubleshooting storage charges using CartonCloud visit our Knowledge Base article here

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Streamline your logistics operations today