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Hello, all. Tony here from CartonCloud, with another one of Tony's Tips. Today, I want to talk about SSCC labeling and some of the requirements, the likes of Woolworths and Cole's, and some of these big supermarket chains have in regards to them receiving stock coming out of a warehouse, which is running CartonCloud.So, we've done some improvements lately. So, SSCC is a paid feature in CartonCloud, but what we've done is we've gone through and we've updated it. And we've now gone through where we can do things along the lines of we can scan batch numbers and verify on GS1 barcodes and things like that using regular expression.

So, I just want to quickly show you, if I'm in CartonCloud and I go to contacts, customers, and I come into coffee roasters and I edit down the bottom and we go into warehouse management, and then into the purchase order products field.

Here, you can see that we've got a expiry GS1 barcode identifier. So, if we wanted to, we could set it up for expiration date or best before date.
If I scroll on down here, what we can see in custom field number two is that we've actually got a batch number and we're using regular expression over here, which you can see we're going to extract the batch number out of the barcode.

So, what we can do is we're going to retain this field. Is it unique? Well, no, it's not unique because it's not a serial number. Do we want to verify it with packing? And we've sort of updated this also, so that when you hover over these question marks, it'll actually tell you a bit more about what this field actually does.

So, if you were to tick verify when picking it actually wants you to verify that barcode by scanning it on the way out to make sure that you have the right batch number. And you can also enforce that you want to capture it when picking.

Now, if I scroll on down here, I'll go past serial number because that's not needed for SSCC, but in custom field number four, we can see here that this is the SSC barcode. And we can see that we have verify or capture the SSCC when picking.

So, what this also means is if you were to pick, say a part pallet or a half pallet, you would actually print a new SSCC before going outside to pick the order. So therefore, when the warehouse staff needed to actually do that scan, they could actually get to this part and they could scan the new SSCC, knowing that what was going into the likes of Woolworths was the right SSCC and the right quantity and the right batch.

Now, if we were to scroll up the top here, you can see here that we have links to the knowledge base. And we also have links to setting up rejects definitions. But if you were to click on the link, you will actually come through here on the knowledge base.

Now, this is where we've added in how you can go through, how you can set up these purchase order product settings. And even sort of, as we go through just things like the simple batch number, which a lot of people have done, but when it comes to SSCC, there's a little bit more data involved in here.

So, if we were to go down and we were to come to the enabling and using SSCC and GS1 barcodes, what we can actually see here is it goes through and it explains the limitations of SSCC, that it is a paid feature. It will also show you the pricing list. And it just, an example, of what a SSCC label would look like in CartonCloud.

So, please reach out if you would like to go through SSCC. It's not something which anybody could just go in and set up because there is a little bit of setup in there. And also we would have the rejects, which we would go in and we would put into the system to allow you to scan out. And because everybody has different requirements, it might be that you want to capture the batch. You may not need to capture the batch, whatever it may be. Please just reach out to support@cartoncloud.com.au, and we'll get back to you and help you through getting along with SSCCs. Cheers.

Just another one of Tony's Tips.

To learn more about SSCC labels using CartonCloud visit our Knowledge Base article here

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