3 Ways To Exceed Customer Expectations With Transport And Warehouse Management Systems

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A few ways warehouse and transport management systems can help exceed customer expectations

Now more than ever, the reputation of warehouse and transport companies can be measured by how well they exceed customer expectations.

It’s an absolute must for operations to continue to invest in keeping customers satisfied. Analysing what aspects of their operations might be failing to meet customer expectations and how they can be overhauled can help companies get ahead.

In order to exceed customer expectations, a company must value-add to a core service. The core service of members in a supply chain is to manage the flow of things from a point of origin to a destination. Supply chain companies must value-add to that core service to ensure things are delivered accurately, reliably and hassle-free. This will help to build loyalty and trust among your customers and attract new customers, which all helps to create a sustainable and strong business.

One way warehouse and transport companies are looking to exceed customer expectations is with modern management systems. That’s because warehouse and transport management systems have become a preferred way to manage key communications and data within a supply chain.Here are three ways a warehouse and transport management system can exceed customer expectations. 

1. Seamless integration with customer software

Modern warehouse and transport management systems can easily connect the existing systems used by new and existing customers. This helps exceed customer expectations because your management system can seamlessly integrate and import data without the need for your customer to alter systems on their end. From Shipping / Dispatch Systems, other Transport Management Systems and eCommerce Platforms / Inventory Systems, modern management systems are capable of pushing and importing data across a broad range of other systems used by your customers. 

2. EDI Software Simplifies Operations And Creates Exceptional Customer Experience

With electronic data interchange (EDI) software, you can complete tasks for your customers in minutes rather than hours. Automatic data entry for transport and warehousing means you can say goodbye to data entry for good and create a more fluid experience for your clients. With EDI software, your customer can send you an excel file and then the EDI software automatically enters data into the correct fields. Once the data is entered, software can also automatically allocate drivers and delivery runs.

3. Improve Visibility and Support Customers Make Data-Driven Decisions 

Transport and warehouse management systems can offer secure user groups allowing your customers to login.  Customers can then have visibility over warehouse orders and stocks and transport jobs that are related to their particular business without seeing anything from any of your other clients. Improving downstream visibility can greatly increase business intelligence the effectiveness of the supply chain because decisions can be made strategically based on data. Customers can download invoices, input orders and see stock levels 24/7 to plan what actions they take now and in the days, weeks and months ahead. Whether it's preparing for rate changes, reviewing which warehouse pickers are the most efficient, or identifying which customers require the most data entry. All of this is available at the click of a button. It also assists customers to prevent incidents in real time.

How CartonCloud Transport And Management System Software Helps You Exceed Customer Expectations

CartonCloud is easy-to-use 3PL software. It’s a transport management system and warehouse management system that seamlessly integrates with your customers, creates a fluid experience and help them make data-driven and strategic decisions.

If you’re wondering what the best management system is for your warehouse or transport operation, get in touch with the CartonCloud team today for a free demo.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Aug 5, 2021
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today