5 expectations of a warehouse stock control system

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If you’re shopping for a local Australian warehouse stock control system, then there are things you should expect with any player on the market. We know the competition and it’s clear that we’re not all equal.

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Warehouse stock control system abilities

There are many advantages towards moving into a digital solution. These include vastly reduced or even fully eliminated paperwork, automated assignment of picking duties and a greater stock management process.

In this guide we’ll outline the abilities that you should expect even at the base level.

1. Run on a mobile phone

Traditional warehousing stock control systems had to built off expensive PDA devices with complicated buttons and complicated terminology. With today’s systems, you can often run right off an iOS or Android device paired with a bluetooth scanner. This same device can also used in transport environments too which is handy for staff that cross between inventory management and delivery roles.

2. Simple to use for personnel

These systems are now easier to use than ever before. You should expect that personnel can be trained in-house and be into full operational mode within a couple of days. It should simplify the user experience that even a 10 year old could use it. Your onboarding materials can also include video training on how to use the new system, especially for new starters who previously only used paper-based systems.

3. Full integration with transport systems

With simplicity comes the false belief that there are limited functions for the larger operations. Full integration with other transport systems is another feature you should expect. In fact, CartonCloud does both with ease. You can track stock from picking to final delivery, with the added advantage of automated invoicing.

4. Online ordering and delivery status portal

Investing in a new system should reduce your administrative overheads. You should expect to have your own online order placing system where customers can not only place orders, but see their inventory and delivery status. Benefits include a reduction in your phone call volume plus full transparency with customers.

5. Minimal cost outlay

You shouldn’t have to outlay $100,000+ for a full system to manage your warehouse. Choose a cloud-based service provider as you can run most warehousing functions via a $500 smart phone. We would advise buying a new device for each job role paired with a $100-$300 bluetooth scanner. You can use your existing computer infrastructure, so for less than $800 for a job role you’ll have a minimal cost outlay. Further more, hardware upgrades only required every 3 to 5 years as we do with our own personal devices. 

Getting started

CartonCloud can perform all of these abilities plus so much more.

In 7 years where we started with our own operation, we’ve grown to one of Australia’s premier platforms to help warehouses manage their inventory, both inbound and outbound. Not only that, but our transport system has many advantages to help operations reduce their daily headaches.

We’d love to have a chat. Get in touch with CartonCloud’s friendly team today to see if we’d be a match!

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