A very merry case study: North Pole Warehouse and Reindeer Fleet Optimisation

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CartonCloud holiday case study

This month we received some very special feedback. ❄️

Thanks to our new WMS, the North Pole Warehouse has automated elf wave picking for faster parcel turn around, replenishment for speedy assembly and packing of the children’s favourite toys and with our scanning system up and running, we didn't lose a single toy this year. Even more incredible, for the first time ever, Santa’s list is fully paperless so he only has to check it once! 

We’ve even optimised our reindeer fleet’s delivery route with our linked TMS to make the deliveries in half the time. We might even rank above Amazon for the first time ever! 

Which means this year, Santa and Mrs Claus will even have time to book in a little getaway to the sunny Gold Coast before our deliveries are due. 

Big thanks! From all the elves.

How two SME’s optimised their processes to meet holiday demand like never before. 

North Pole Warehouse and Reindeer Fleet Logistics know the end of the year is their busiest season. Their toy warehouse and distribution fleet provide a global service for years, against the world’s top e-commerce competitors. 

Their system used to be clunky and time-consuming. 

Introducing paperless to the Pole

“Our system was based on a paper list, which would often get lost in the warehouse, get egg nog spilled on it or get nibbled by the reindeer. It was chaotic. So many times we almost missed a toy or a delivery because we’d lose track of where we were on the list, or the paper would get lost while we were trying to find the items.” — Santas Helper, Warehouse Manager. 

This year, they implemented our cloud-based WMS/TMS software to increase their warehouse and transport capacity. With CartonCloud’s powerful system, these small businesses were able to optimise their warehouse operations, streamlining picking and utilising replenishment for faster assembly and packing. They implemented barcode scanning for warehouse locations and inventory, which reduced pick errors by 99% and gave them real-time data to replenish stock levels before they ran out. 

“Now we’ve gone paperless, it’s so much easier. Santa only has to check the list once, and the system will do the rest! It will automate our picking so we can move faster around the warehouse, we know where to find each toy and we know how many we have left.”

Optimised deliveries

Using the Warehouse product unit to transport unit mapping feature, they also automated the data from their warehouse operation to their reindeer fleet company in no time.

“We haven’t been immune to the driver shortages either, there’s not many who can operate our reindeer fleet, only the one guy really. So we needed to find a way to optimise the fleet and resources we had on hand, and still meet delivery expectations.” Rudolph, Head of Transport. 

With CartonCloud’s automated route optimisation, the team found the most efficient delivery route, ensuring all delivery addresses were accounted for and delivery dates met. 

“We could even add our own logic to the optimisation to pick our start and finish location points. It was really helpful, and it’s going to save us so much time!”

If you like the sound of optimised warehouse and transport operations that save you time, money and headaches, get in touch for your FREE Demo today.  

From the team at CartonCloud, Happy End of Year.

*Disclaimer, while this case study is only as real as our holiday diet, the features are all real, and ready to help you get the most from your business. 📦💥

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