Product Update: Add/ Edit Consignment Items from Mobile App

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Allow drivers to edit consignments on the go through the mobile app, with our latest Product Update.

CartonCloud’s transport mobile application lets you automate, streamline and manage your delivery process — and now your drivers have greater flexibility and control over consignments requiring updates on the go.

Our latest Product Update focuses on improving the delivery process by offering greater flexibility and visibility for you, your drivers and customers.

Using the CartonCloud mobile app, drivers can now have the ability to add and edit Consignment Items via the mobile app for Consignments assigned to them. This will enable the driver to adjust the Consignment Item upon collection or before delivery to ensure the quantities being delivered matches the record in CartonCloud.

Add/edit requirements for transport

A driver can edit the service type, the quantity or dimensions of items on a consignment, or add new items to the consignment.

For example, if freight is listed on the consignment note as two separate cartons, but on pick up, it is found to have been packaged as two cartons taped together, the driver would have the ability to amend the consignment item quantity to 1 to better reflect what is physically being delivered. Or, if the quantity or order being collected changes at the collection point, from what was originally ordered. For example, if the consignment note says 10 items are to be collected, but there are actually 11 on arrival, the driver can easily update the consignment items to reflect the additional item and ensure it is included in the charging.

The add/edit function can also be used for quantities that need to be input after pick up; such as the weight of a truckload of gravel, which needs to be loaded and weighed before the exact amount is able to be added to the consignment note.

edit consignment item (1)

Not only does this improve data accuracy and customer service, but it allows your drivers to identify and record changes in real-time, reducing manual work at a later date.

Ensure data accuracy, at all times

You can also select to have a Consignment Error notification for your administration view, triggered when driver edits are made to Consignment Items.

The Consignment Errors are optional, and can be turned on or off as needed. With it enabled, you will be aware of any discrepancies and changes made to Consignment Items by the drivers, allowing you to stay on top of customer communications and related admin tasks.

email error to customer

This new addition to the mobile transport app will optimise and enhance your delivery service to your customers, improve data accuracy and reduce manual work.

Find out more

For more information on the Driver Add/Edit Consignment Items Mobile Product Update, visit the CartonCloud Knowledge Base or contact the team today.

*Please note that if your CartonCloud account was created prior to 1 July 2019 this feature update may not be available at this stage. If you would like to discuss migrating to the newer version of the CartonCloud TMS, please contact our friendly support team to discuss migrating to V2!

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